Ever since their characters got together on screen fans have been wishing for the moment Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart announces that they are an item. The pair is both actors on the Netflix show "Riverdale, " and their characters on the show are romantically involved. Fans have been shipping the pair in real life and have been harassing the stars about their rumored romance. However, it was recently confirmed at the San Diego Comic Convention that the pair is dating as they were boldly affectionate with one another for the duration of the convention.

The pair are together on screen

Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are both actors in the hit original Netflix show "Riverdale." They play characters, Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper. Season 1 of the series finished earlier this year and saw the two characters getting closer on screen. Throughout the first season of the show, their characters become romantically involved. Fans immediately began to ship this pairing both on screen and in real life.

Rumors first began to circulate when Cole released a photograph of Lili Reinhart on his Instagram account. The actor is also a photographer and shut down rumors that the pair were dating in an interview with Teen Vogue. However, more and more pictures of Lili were showing up on Cole's feeds, and fans became convinced that the pair were together in real life.

The actors remained coy about their relationship neither denying or confirming it. It is possible that the pair were only trying to keep their relationship out of the media while the tried to figure out where it was going. However, when the pair attended the San Diego Comic Convention their public displays of affection confirmed fans suspicions.

The San Diego Comic Convention

The entire cast of "Riverdale" attended the San Diego Comic Convention last week. The stars sat a few panels with show runners and creators of the show to answer fans questions about the series. The trailer for the second season of the show was also screened.

According to the E!, the pair were seen in public being very affectionate with one another.

Cole and Lili were very open about their relationship status at the Comic Convention and appeared to be very comfortable showing affection in front of everyone in attendance. Multiple eyewitnesses who attended the convention have stated that the couple could not keep their hands off one another.

The couple did not hang out the entire time at the conference, however, as they both went around to meet and greet fans of the show. They were also separate at a party held later on one evening, but a source has stated that Lili kept tabs on where Cole was the entire evening.

Fans of the stars are delighted to hear the news that the pair is together. They only hope that their character Jughead and Betty don't break up on the show "Riverdale."