Former "Top Gear" star Richard Hammond was involved in a potentially fatal Car Crash last month. He was filming an episode of "The Grand Tour" when he lost control of the vehicle which flipped and caught fire. He managed to escape from the car before it caught fire. Hammond was extremely lucky, only suffering an injury to his leg. The star could easily have died in the accident and has recently opened up about the terrifying accident.

The crash could have taken Hammond's life

Richard Hammond was incredibly lucky to have survived the crash, which happened in Switzerland.

The former "Top Gear" star was driving a car worth millions when the accident happened. He was driving incredibly fast testing out the 200 mph car. Richard Hammond lost control of the car and it flipped several times before erupting in flames. Hammond managed to undo his seatbelt and get out of the vehicle before it caught fire.

The star was airlifted to hospital after the event. Fortunately, he did not suffer any life-threatening injuries. However, he did injure his knee which required surgery. In the weeks after the event, Hammond was restricted to a wheelchair as his leg recovered. The star has recently told the media that he has lost 7 mm in height from the operation on his leg. Hammond was filming for an episode of "The Grand Tour" when the incident occurred.

Hammond has been seen returning to work in the past few weeks. However, it will be a long time before he can drive again. According to the Daily Mail, his wait could last as long as six months before he is able to get behind the wheel.

Hammond spills on what was going through his mind during the crash

The star sat down with his wife Mindy and was interviewed about the devastating crash.

Hammond's wife revealed that she has given her husband a stern warning about being more careful in the future. She understands the dangerous nature of her husband's job, however, when it comes to driving in the future she has requested for her husband to be more careful.

Hammond told presenters that he thought he was going to die during the crash.

Hammond revealed the moment he realized things had gone wrong and how he only had seconds to act to save his life. His leg was crushed in the crash and he has lost 7mm in length on the injured leg due to an operation. Speaking of his former "Top Gear" co-stars Richard admitted that they cried when they heard the news and were constantly trying to get in contact with their friend.

Richard Hammond in now on the mend. His progress will be slow but steady and he has already returned to work. The star will have to wait until his leg is completely healed before he gets behind the wheel again.