Erika Girardi is publishing a tell-all memoir under her stage name, Erika Jayne, and it sounds like the book, won’t be pretty. Erika has already shocked Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans with her outrageous stories, but now she’ll be putting them in print in a book titled “Pretty Mess,” according to People magazine.

Girardi admits that her Erika Jayne alter-ego put her on the map. She first -unveiled her pop-princess persona in 2007 and she has gained a strong fan following over the past decade. Now, the 46-year-old pop singer and “Real Housewives” star wants to share the “intimate” details of the story about her rise to fame.

The press release for the project reveals that the book will follow Erika’s early days as a dancer and singer, her long marriage to wealthy Hollywood lawyer Tom Girardi, who is 32 years her senior, and her road to the “Real Housewives’ reality franchise which also scored her a stint on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Fans will learn more about Erika’s backstory

Erika Jayne is known for putting it all out there with her racy Instagram posts and explicit music videos, but fans know little about her private life. Erika showcases her marriage to Tom Girardi on “RHOBH,” but her grown son, Tommy Zizzo, has never been shown on the show and rarely talks about him. Tommy is Erika's son from her first marriage to Tom Zizzo, so the book will also give insight into her years as a single mother.

Some “RHOBH” fans were surprised to find out Erika was a mother, and didn’t realize it until late last season when she had a blowout fight with Eileen Davidson about her fears for the safety of her son Tommy, who works as a police officer.

Last season fans also got a look at Erika’s somewhat strained relationship with her mother, who she says was very hard on her growing up.

While it turned her into one tough cookie, it’s clear Erika Jayne has some unresolved issues about her upbringing in Atlanta.

Her new life as a rich wife

While Erika will have plenty of not-so-pretty stories to share, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” fans hope she will dish all of the dirt on some of the show’s biggest storylines and scandals, like pal Yolanda Hadid’s Munchausen drama and the “Pantygate” scandal Erika endured thanks to the wandering eyes of Dorit Kemsley’s husband, P.K.

Now, Erika promises to reveal even more surprising tidbits about her life as a Hollywood wife.

Erika Jayne’s “Pretty Mess” memoir will be released in January 2018 by Gallery Books.