Erika Girardi of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" is on "Dancing With the Stars" this season and doing a great job. On a recent episode of "RHOBH," everyone saw that she is very overprotective of her son, who is a police officer. Tommy and Erika are really close, but it turns out that he won't be coming to "Dancing With the Stars" to watch her even though he does watch from home.

Why won't Erika's son be making a big appearance?

Erika did share that he is supporting her by watching from home. Erika says that he is her "biggest cheerleader." It does sound like their relationship is amazing, but he just doesn't want to be in the audience for some reason.

Erika didn't elaborate on what is going on. The thing is erika girardi isn't explaining why he isn't going to be there. She said that it is between them, but didn't make it sound like they have any issues.

Erika Girardi's son isn't part of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" either. She talks about him sometimes and the fact that he is a police officer, but that is about it. Something that will surprise you is that he lives with Erika and his stepdad, but doesn't join the show at all. It seems like Tommy doesn't really want the world to know who he is for some reason. Her husband Thomas is also cheering her on from home. It sounds like Erika Girardi does have a lot of support they just don't happen to be sitting in the front row of the show.

When it comes to her son, Erika will defend him forever, but she doesn't share details. She recently said, "That’s something between my family and myself. It’s my choice to reveal certain parts of my life and keep others very private." There are other women on the show that don't show their children or leave parts of their life out of the show.

Lala Kent just recently refused to talk about her boyfriend on 'Vanderpump Rules" no matter what. She doesn't want anyone to know who he is and won't even admit that he is married, but everyone on the show says that he is and they know who the guy is she is dating. It is their decision if they want to talk about everything on the show or not, but sometimes it will come up regardless of their wishes.

Are you surprised to hear that Erika Girardi's son Tommy won't be coming to watch her on "Dancing With the Stars"? Do you think that he should come? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Dancing With the Stars" on Monday nights. So far, Erika is doing a great job on the show.