"Proud Mary" was directed by Babak Najafi. The screenplay was written by a team of three consisting of John Stewert Newman, Christian Swegal, and Steven Antin. The screenplay was based off a story created by both Newman and Swegal. "Proud Mary" is about a female assassin who encounters a young boy when a hit goes terribly wrong. The boy triggers her maternal instincts and her life is thrown upside down. Casting includes such actors as Taraji P. Henson, Billy Aaron Brown, Danny Glover, Margaret Avery and Neal McDonough.

A cold blooded killer evaluates her life

"Proud Mary" is a female assassin who works for an organized crime family in Boston. Mary is the best of the best. She doesn't hesitate to kill but when a hit goes terribly wrong she encounters a young boy. As seen in the trailer Mary is an expert assassin and her next hit has led her to the house of this boy. As she enters the home he turns around and asks who she is. Mary's introduction to the child triggers her maternal instinct and the assassin is thrown through a loop.

"Proud Mary" has been described by The Verge, as a John Wickesque type of movie. She is a ruthless killer and every hit she lands is completed with the utmost precision. "Proud Mary" does not skimp on the action either.

As seen in the trailer, there are plenty of showdowns, car chases and enemies to be faced in this action adventure movie.

Henson was the best actor for the role

Taraji P. Henson was by far the best choice for the role of "Proud Mary". Henson is known for her work on the hit TV show "Empire." She has received a Golden Globe or her role as Cookie, the ruthless former criminal returned to get her record label back.

Henson has risen to fame over the past few years. She has starred in films such as "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and the Oscar Nominated "Hidden Figures".

The actor will also be starring in "The Best of Enemies" as a civil rights activist. The release date for the movie has not been announced yet. Taraji P. Henson is an incredibly talented and versatile actor.

Fans are beyond excited that she has taken on the role of Mary. She represents a strong female character in many of her roles and "Proud Mary" will see to the continuation of this.

"Proud Mary" is due to be released in theaters in the US on January 12, 2018. The movie is already highly anticipated by fans of Henson's previous work. "Proud Mary" will no doubt be a great way of entering into the new year of 2018.