Chester Bennington aka Chazy Chaz, the lead singer of Linkin Park band, died at the age of 41, as reported by CNN. Police found him dead on Thursday morning at his home in the country of Los Angles. According to LA country Spokesman Coroner, it is a suicide case.

41-year-old singer's contributions to the entertainment

In 1999, Bennington joined the band and after the success of "Hybrid Theory", which was the first album released by the group in 2000, reached global fame. The album received the nomination for the best rock album in "Grammy award".

In 2004 the band collaborated with rapper Jay-Z, while their second album, "Meteora," sold 27 million copies. They have been awarded Grammies twice and sold 70 million copies of their albums worldwide.

From 2013 to 2015, Chester was also the Lead Singer for bands "Stone Temple Pilots" and "Dead by Sunrise." He also played a cameo role in Hollywood movies like Saw 3D and Jason Statham's Crank. In May 2017, Chris Cornell, frontman of the rock band Soundgarden, also committed suicide. Chester was a close friend and paid him tribute on Twitter as well as attending his funeral.

Abused as a child and addicted to drugs as an adult

There is no doubt that he had troubled life. When he was 11, his parents divorced and he began smoking, which led him to take cocaine and methamphetamine, as detailed by CNN.

In an interview with the Guardian dating back to 2011, he confessed that he had been sexually harassed in childhood. "When I was young, getting beaten up and pretty much raped was no fun. My God, no wonder I became a drug addict. No wonder I just went completely insane for a little while," he said. Bennington is survived by his wife Talinda Ann Bentley, whom he married in 2005, and their six children Jaime, Draven, Isaiah, twins Lila and Lily, and Tyler Lee.

Mourn by Chester's loved ones

Mike Shinoda confirmed Bennington' death on Twitter and expressed his grief. He said, "Shocked and heartbroken, but it's true. Other singers and officials also mourned, including Rihana, the governor of Ohio John Kasich, and Nikki Sixx. "One More Night", Linkin Park's last album was recently released on May 19, 2017.

Chester killed himself just before his band set to go on their next world tour.

The band released a video song "Talking to Myself", a track from their new album on Thursday. The video song is featured by Chester Bennington, and it was written from his wife Talinda Ann's point of view as she watched him fighting with his personal demons, Billboard reported.