Japanese “Pokemon” fans are in for a treat as a new movie is set to release within the month. Fans of the ever-popular monster-catching RPG in Japan will get experience a new movie called “I Choose You,” which is reportedly a retelling of the anime series’ of Ash Ketchum’s adventures in the Indigo League arc. However, fans are evidently disappointed to find out that familiar characters Misty and Brock won’t make an appearance in the new film.

Travel buddies

Longtime “Pokemon” fans who watched the original anime released during the monster-catching craze will undoubtedly look for the two companions.

The movie producers apparently confirmed that Brock and Misty will be absent in the “I Choose You” movie. Moreover, the duo will be replaced by another duo of brand new characters. These two are Makoto and Souji and are expected to accompany Ash on his adventures to “catch ‘em all.” It seems very odd that the producers would replace the series mainstays in favor of new faces. Although the new film is regarded as a retelling of the original anime series and is subject to some changes. Removing key characters might not sit well with hardcore fans of the franchise.

Fans react

The “Pokemon: I Choose You” movie is intended to mark the celebration of the long-running game and the anime franchise’s twentieth anniversary. It seems only natural for die-hard fans to look for familiar faces like Misty and Brock as they enjoy Ash’s adventures on the road become a great trainer.

They were known to leave their posts as gym leaders to travel with the protagonist in his quest to become a “Pokemon” master. Currently, it is still not certain if the new characters are as memorable as the originals, but it is obvious that nostalgic viewers will have a hard time warming up to Souji and Makoto anytime soon.

Familiar faces

Veteran “Pokemon” fans should take note that not all of the anime’s central characters were replaced in the “I Choose You” movie.

Nurse Joy, who works in the Pokecenter is present and was not tweaked in any way. However, viewers will most likely miss Brock’s infatuation with her that has become a running gag in the anime series. Additionally, Souji does not seem to be interested at all in the medical expert.

Fans should also know that as a consolation, Brock and Misty both make a quick appearance in the “I Choose You” movie.

The two have a very short on-screen time during the end credits, where a montage shows some of the companions Ash met throughout the “Pokemon” franchise. Other characters like Dawn, Tracey, and Cilan are also shown in the mosaic. The movie is expected to debut in American theaters later this year.

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