"Pokemon Go" is a game that unites people, takes children to the streets and causes a great attraction. It is not one that faces people, certainly, but all that could change thanks to the "Pokemon Go" teams. Niantic has added interesting competitive mechanics to the augmented reality game, but it has not unlocked its full potential yet. As things stand, there is something that separates teams beyond small distinctions, of which we will speak below. In the future, however, there are good grounds to believe that your choice of equipment can have a significant impact on your experience. And it's impact is big enough to determine your chances of getting a Legendary Pokemon.

Team Mystic, Instinct, and Valor are the three "Pokemon Go" teams that play a significant role in the game. When your Pokemon reaches level 5 and approaches a gym, you will have the possibility to Choose the equipment of your preference. It will introduce you to the three leaders of each team, who have their particular philosophy about Pokemon.

Next, we share with you, everything you need to know about the “Pokemon Go” teams, as well, and which one you should choose to be the best in the game.

Team Instinct

A guy named Spark leads the Instinct team. "A Pokemon is a creature of great intuition; I bet their secret has to do with how their eggs hatch. Join my team, you never lose when you trust your instinct," says Spark.

Team Mystic

Blanche leads the Mystic team."The wisdom of the Pokemon is exceptionally profound; I am investigating why they evolve.

With our philosophical analysis of each situation, we cannot lose” says Blanche.

Team Valor

Led by Candela, this team apparently focuses on the strength of the Pokemon."A Pokemon is stronger than humans and nobler in the heart. I am investigating ways to improve the natural power of Pokemon to find their real strength. There is no doubt that the Pokemon that has trained our team is the most strong in the battle "says the leader of this team.

How does the team you choose in Pokemon Go can affect you?

As we have explained before, at this moment, there is nothing confirmed about how it affects the choice of your team. The only impact has to do with the Gyms, where you fight on behalf of your team and conquests with your own Pokémon, and in which other members can join to attack or defend.

This is all the information known so far.

Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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