One of the biggest issues during Season 9 of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" was the accusation that Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker wanted to drug Porsha Williams and take her home to rape her. Porsha confronted Kandi about what she heard but she wouldn't ever get specific about where she heard the shocking rumor until the Season 9 "RHOA" reunion. It was at the reunion that "RHOA" fans learned that it was Phaedra Parks who told Porsha that she heard the shocker straight from Kandi's mouth.

The fallout after Porsha outed Phaedra

Ever since "RHOA" fans found out that Phaedra lied to Porsha about the Kandi rape rumor, the southern belle has been a hot topic.

There is even a man fighting to have Phaedra disbarred over the reality TV lie but that's not the worst of what's happening now that the Season 9 shocker has been revealed.

Phaedra Parks claims that in the aftermath of the big Season 9 "RHOA" reunion reveal, she and her children are getting threats from fans of the show. Apparently, some Bravo viewers are so upset over the obvious attack on Kandi Burruss that Phaedra exacted during Season 9 that they've decided to cross several lines of decency and contact the (possibly fired) "RHOA" star

Did Phaedra get set up to take the blame for the 'RHOA' shocker?

To make matters worse, TMZ claims that Phaedra Parks has been telling people that she wasn't even the originator of the drug and rape lie.

She claims that she was made to look like the villain and that production manipulated and edited the reunion show footage to make "RHOA" fans mad at her.

Phaedra claims that she was fed the scandalous drug and rape rumor by a producer of the show. While Phaedra was not necessarily instructed to go tell Porsha Williams that she heard the lie come straight from Kandi's mouth, she ran with it and it looks like she's taking the fall whether she started the mess or not.

For those who are wondering which producer may have told Phaedra Parks the rumor about Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker, it has been suggested that Carlos King was the culprit. Keep in mind that King is no longer executive producing "Real Housewives of Atlanta" now and has moved on to work on a different show. He also reportedly had a fallout with Todd Tucker while they were working on a project together.

While Phaedra Parks had her own issues with Kandi and Todd, so did Carlos King. Whether Carlos told Phaedra or Phaedra made the whole thing up herself, Porsha still pointed the finger and said that Phaedra told her that the information came out of Kandi's mouth and into Phaedra's ear. She never claimed a middle man with Porsha until the end or at least that's what we saw at the reunion.

Even after all the "RHOA" drama this season and even if Phaedra Parks is fired, that's no excuse to harass and threaten Phaedra and her two sons. While she did agree to share her life with Bravo fans on Sunday nights, making personal threats against a reality star is crossing a huge line.