Paul Wesley is a well-known actor and director. He played the role of Stephan Salvatore in "The Vampire Diaries" and gained international fame. With "The Vampire Diaries" over, Wesley made the move to the directors chair, directing an episode of "Shadowhunters." "Shadowhunters" is now in its second season and fans were delighted to hear that Wesley directed an episode. The episode will be released next week on Netflix.

Wesley was impressed by the cast

According to Just Jared, Wesley was very impressed with the cast of MTV's "Shadowhunters." He worked closely with the cast as he took on the role of director for an episode of the series.

He revealed how the cast and crew made him feel very welcome and comfortable. He stated that the cast is very talented and hardworking. They were very gracious with their time and their effort. Wesley stated that they knew their characters inside and out and that this really helped with the creative process.

The cast also had kind words for their director. Members of the cast such as Katherine McNamara and Dominic Sherwood stated that Wesley was great to work with. They said he really understood the supernatural element of the show and that they benefited greatly from his experience. Wesley gave the cast great direction and really helped them to tap into the emotional side of their characters.

Wesley worked closely with Will Tudor and was greatly impressed by the actor. According to TV Guide, Wesley had previously heard great things about the actor. He stated that Will's role in this episode was particularly interesting and that he handled it with expertise.

What is next for the director?

Wesley just wrapped a miniseries he was part of but did not reveal any more, as it has not been announced yet.

He extended his contract with Warner Brothers and stated that he will be working as a producer for them for a while. He wants to spend more time in the directors chair as well as explore new avenues in the film industry. The star is currently in New York and may be starring in a play while he is there.

Wesley has certainly kept himself busy since "The Vampire Diaries" wrapped.

The star is eager to be working and has already landed himself some projects coming out later this year. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the cast will fare in terms of their careers. Fans are eagerly awaiting the episode of "Shadowhunters" he directed, as well as the other projects Wesley will be releasing shortly.