According to io9, Walt Disney's Resort in Florida will be getting a brand new addition. The resort will be building an immersive "Star Wars" hotel. The hotel will provide a highly interactive experience for guests, with some of their favorite characters on hand, as well as going on missions with other guests. Fans are extremely excited for the opening of the hotel. Disney has stated that they want to make this one of the best experiences that their guests will ever have.

An immersive experience

Disney has announced that they are working on a unique experience for "Star Wars" fans.

According to TC, the hotel will offer a real-life experience of the "Star Wars" world. The Chairman of Walt Disney Resorts, Bob Chapek, announced that fans won't be walking around in the hotel in their usual vacation shorts. He stated that those who stay in the hotel will be expected to wear "Star Wars" costumes. The windows will also be designed to look like the guests are looking out into outer space.

Further details include that guests will not be dealing with hotel staff. Disney wants them to interact with both droids and robots. Along with this, guests will be following their own storyline over the course of their stay. Disney has teased that guests will be immersed in this environment through living their very own adventure.

A number of plot points will take place over the course of their stay to maximize the experience.

The events in the hotel will include the park itself

The storyline that guests receive within the hotel will also follow them out into the park. For example, if they do well on a mission they might get some special privileges in the form of extra Republic credits.

However, if a team fails a mission they may find themselves being hunted by bounty hunters on the grounds of the park.

It appears that Disney has thought about all of the elements of a truly immersive fan experience. The concept art of the hotel was also released online and looks like every fan's dream. It will follow a space theme and is to be designed accordingly.

The team have been working on this project for some time now and were very excited to announce it at their panel on Saturday, July 15.

Disney also stated that the resort will not be the only one to get this kind of immersive environment. They added that they are working on a Marvel-themed hotel for their resort in Paris. Fans cannot wait to experience these new additions, which are sure to be successful.

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