The eighth episode of the final season of Orphan Black will air later today. Last week’s episode revealed that two characters are coming back to play major roles in the conclusion of the series. Promotional photos for the upcoming episode teased that Helena is in big trouble.

Coady out to get Helena

In last week’s episode of “Orphan Black” season 5, Dr. Virginia Coady summoned another Castor clone, who happens to be last one remaining. Mark Rollins is back and Coady has somehow convinced him to help her to find Helena.

Percival “P.T.” Westmoreland and Coady are after Helena’s unborn twins because of their remarkable fetal regeneration.

It seems like the babies inherited the very first experimental subject’s unique biology.

The babies, just like Kira, possess phenomenal healing abilities that the mad scientists behind neolution were after to prolong human life. However, Helena has been on the run to save her babies from being turned into lab rats and it was recently revealed that she was hiding in a convent where her twin sister and clone, Sarah Manning paid her a visit.

Sarah and Alison Hendrix’s husband, along with Siobhan Sadler, are the only ones who know where Helena is hiding. However, Mark seems to have an idea where Helena is even though the latter has been portrayed to be a very unpredictable character.

Just when “Orphan Black” season 5 episode 7 was about to end, someone cloaked in a hooded coat paid Helena a surprise visit at the convent.

The mysterious visitor turned out to be Gracie Rollins, who is Mark’s wife.

Mark and Gracie popping up for a comeback appearance in the same episode has sparked speculations that their return are connected. It’s uncertain whether Gracie is on Helena’s side or not.

Will Clone Club save Helena and her babies?

However, BBC America seems to have teased that Helena will find herself in the hands of the people she's been hiding from and most likely because Gracie betrayed her by giving away her hideout.

A new set of promotional photos for the upcoming episode of “Orphan Black” revealed Helena surrounded by men in black.

Gracie has most likely helped Mark and Coady and brought them to where Helena was hiding. With Helena possibly captured, this means the Clone Club’s troubles are far from over.

Aside from Kira’s safety, clone sisters Sarah, Cosima, and Alison have grown fond of Helena and they'll do anything to keep her and her babies safe. Now that Helena’s in a pinch, the three might just team up once again and maybe even with Rachel to save Helena and her babies.