Hey, "Power" fans. Teresi will become privy to some new intel about Ghost. Kanan is going to get sought out by Tariq at some point. We're also going to see Tommy get the prosecutors to focus on something else and more in this upcoming episode 3 of the current season 4. STARZ finally released these spoilers today by way of Spoiler TV.

The Kind Of Man You Are

The title of this installment has been revealed to be, "The Kind of Man You Are." The first storyline scoop involves a scene that will take place with Tommy. They say that he's going to execute a plan that will divert the attention of the prosecutors.

How effective will this plan be? That is the huge question for this particular situation. It does sound like it will deliver a very intriguing scene or scenes to look forward to.

Next, they revealed that Tony Teresi will definitely be up to no good as he will be plotting out a very scandalous blackmail scheme. Apparently, he's going to do this in light of finding out more information about Ghost. Will he be successful in his blackmail attempt? Or will it backfire on him? What new information does he find out about Ghost? Those are the huge questions for this storyline. It certainly sounds like it will be an intriguing situation as well.

In search of Kanan

Lastly, they revealed a storyline that involves Tariq.

At some point, he is going to go in search of Kanan. For what remains to be seen as STARZ didn't share that information in this plot summary description. However, they did share a new preview clip last night for episode 3. We've included it below for those of you who haven't gotten a chance to view it yet. It definitely features some extra details that their synopsis didn't reveal.

There are some scenes that feature Angela, Tasha and more that weren't mentioned in the written description.

The preview clip starts off showing us footage with Ghost reading a newspaper in prison. Then he's shown talking on the phone with is family and saying, "I'm going to beat this. I promise." After that, they show a scene that involves Tommy having a pretty dramatic conversation with Joe.

Tommy confronts him about trying to force Tasha to snitch on Ghost. Joe tries to tell him this isn't a good situation.

Didn't commit the murder

Next, we see Ghost continuing to say that he didn't commit the murder after being asked point blank if he did it. There's a brief scene that features Kanan and Tariq having a conversation. To close out the clip, they deliver a scene that shows a very intense Angela telling Ghost, "We both know when you want something. No one matters but you." It definitely looks like it will be quite dramatic. Be sure to check out the new clip below. We can confirm that episode 3 is scheduled to arrive on Sunday night, July 9 at 8 p.m. central standard time on STARZ. Stay tuned.