The massive success of “Stranger Things” prompted Netflix to quickly renew the show for a second season run. Though some fans felt that they were left hanging with tons of lingering questions on their mind, “Stranger Things” fanatics can’t still help but wonder what’s in store for them once the gang returns on Season 2.

'Stranger Things' Season 2 new teaser, what lies ahead to the show's core cast?

Netflix has just announced that the second season of “Stranger Things” will return this fall. “Stranger Things” Season 2 was originally set to a Halloween debut, but the streaming entertainment company moved the premiere date to October 27.

The premiere announcement of “Stranger Things” Season 2 made fans excited, but what’s more exciting is the poster that was released via the show’s official Twitter handle. The poster features the gang and the monster that was seen in the first trailer of the show. As seen on the post below, the poster resembles Stephen King’s artwork from some of his novels, such as “Stand By Me,” “The Mist” and “the Stand.”

With the new teaser poster bearing a tagline “Some doors can't be closed,” Harpers Bazaar speculates that this may mean that the core cast will be returning to Upside Down.

Although not much has been revealed about “Stranger Things” Season 2, it is expected that the second season will take place in 1984 and a more sinister entity will be coming to threaten the gang.

Watch the first official trailer of "Stranger Things" Season 2 below:

Other Netflix shows set to premiere

Aside from “Stranger Things” Season 2, Netflix is set to premiere a 10-episode live action drama based on Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) and Gabriela Ba’s comic book series “Umbrella Academy.”

The Umbrella Academy” TV series, which will be produced by Universal Cable Productions along with Blue Grass Television and Dark Horse Entertainment, will follow the story of a dysfunctional family of superheroes as they investigate the death of their father.

The superheroes - The Séance, The White Violin, Spaceboy, The Horror, The Kraken, The Rumor, Number Five and The Monocle – will work together to solve the mystery surrounding their father’s death but encounters difficulties during the process.

So what drew Netflix to greenlit the TV series? Netflix's vice president (Original Content) Cindy Holland said in a statement that "The Umbrella Academy's" story is unique.

The tone of the graphic novels is "dark yet humorous, supernatural yet grounded."

“The Umbrella Academy” live-action TV series is set to premiere in 2018. The show will be helmed by “Fargo’s” Steve Blackman.