The Disney's live-action remake of "Aladdin" will finally have its new set of casts. It has been learned that Mena Massoud is slated to portray the lead role and it has been finally confirmed by the production. A report from Entertainment Tonight has also revealed that this Canadian actor was also part of the titular role in the Walt Disney Pictures, "Sean Bailey," on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Naomi Scott is also slated to play the role of Jasmin in the upcoming movie remake. Hence, the entirely new world of "Aladdin" will have whole new cast members. Will Smith will also be part of the film and he is going to portray the famous Genie just as how it has been speculated.

'Jack Ryan' series

Apart from his lead role as "Aladdin" on the upcoming movie remake, this Canada-born actor is also part of the Amazon's "Jack Ryan" series. The said actor is also believed to have appeared in other shows like "Nikita," "Open Heart," and "Starving Hope."

He has also appeared on shows like "Strange but True," together with other stars like Amy Ryan, Greg Kinnear, Margaret Qualley and Nick Robinson. Apart from being busy with his career, Massoud is also a devoted fitness enthusiast. He was known for undergoing certain fitness routines and has greatly achieved certain transformations with his physique after several months.

Apparently, his fitness workout is one of his preparations as he will finally wear the "Aladdin" vest.

Moreover, viewers are very much excited to finally see him into this highly-anticipated movie from Disney. Just this November, the actor has shared one of his photos to Instagram in order to show off his hard-earned abs from the gym.

Pursuing acting

Massoud is said to be born in Egypt but was later on raised in Canada.

However, at the heights of his career, the actor now currently based in between Toronto and Los Angeles. He also shared that there was one person who had inspired him to pursue his acting skills and that was through Robbie Williams.

He considered Williams as one of the well-rounded actors that he looked up to.

In one of his interviews, the actor revealed that Williams inspired him to transfer from the University of Toronto to a certain arts program at Ryerson University. Since then, his craft and skills on acting have been enhanced and he has given all the credits to Williams.

On the other hand, it was also believed that Disney has faced lots of struggles lately in searching for the best actor to fit into the character of "Aladdin." They also faced several backlashes online but luckily they finally found the man that will flaunt "Aladdin's" vest.

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