"Married At First Sight: Second Chances” finale aired one week ago on Thursday, July 6. Only one engagement took place after four months of dating. On Thursday, July 13 the women who dated David Norton returned to confront him and some of the men who dated Vanessa Nelson returned to address her.

There were some very intense moments. One person walked off the set while another was asked to leave. There was sobbing, arguing, lying, yelling and many people getting upset. It took a lot for experts Rachel DeAlto and Pastor Calvin Roberson to keep thing under control.

Vanessa and her suitors

At the beginning of the special, three men that Vanessa dated and rejected returned to confront her. Naturally, Shannon and Myles were there because they were the last to be dumped after having made it almost to the end with Vanessa. In fact, Shannon was one of the top two and Vanessa spent a week with him before making her final decision. Nathan was the third man who returned. Vanessa commented that she didn't know why he was there. He was argumentative, and Vanessa was turned off when he said they didn't get along because she refused to be submissive. Vanessa and the experts thought he was a male chauvinist. Vanessa asked him to leave the area because she didn't want to talk to him any longer.

Viewers have never seen her that upset in the two "Married At First Sight" shows she has been on.

Myles and Shannon were less confrontational. From their conversations and the way they stared at Vanessa, it was obvious they did fall in love with her. When asked if his race had something to do with Vanessa not choosing him, Myles indicated that their feelings were from within which had nothing to do with the color of their outside shells.

Vanessa concluded that their lifestyles were too different for her to choose him.

Both Shannon and Myles congratulated Vanessa and Andre on their engagement. Instead of setting a wedding date, the couple said they are going to enjoy the engagement process after having just left the reality show.

David and the women he dated

The reunion with David and several women he rejected got really heated.

David felt his reputation was at stake when they called him a pathological liar, a phony, and a skeptic among other names. At one point, David walked off the set. He did return after he cooled off.

It was expected that Isabella and Tara would have a lot to say since he spent a week with them and led them on, but he rejected both of them in the end. Jordan and Maya shared how they felt about David. When Pastor Roberson asked who thought David was a good guy, not one woman raised her hand. The common theme the women shared was that David lied to them and compared them to the other women he was dating.

From the reunion, viewers learned that David had dated some of the women off camera after he rejected them on the show.

He kept in contact with them through texts which he was not supposed to do. The main thing the women held against David is that he told them he loved them when they were with him, but he said something else to the next woman he was spending time with.

At the end of the show, David did apologize for what he had done to hurt the women. He asked Melika for a second chance, but she suggested that they move on.

Will there be another season of "Married at First Sight: Second Chances"? It is undetermined now. David and Vanessa got the opportunity because they were on "Married at First Sight" and they got a divorce. Therefore, producers have to see if this season's show will end with any divorces before they can consider another "Married at First Sight: Second Chances" show.