Maria Menounos underwent surgery last month to remove a Brain Tumor. The surgeon was able to remove almost all of the benign tumor during a complicated seven-hour surgery. The television personality is recovering at home and making major changes in her life.

Maria thought she had an ear infection when she went to the doctor back in February. She told the doctor that she had been having severe headaches and had been getting light-headed when she was working. In addition to those symptoms, Maria told the doctor that she noticed that her speech had slurred and that it was a challenge for her to read the teleprompter.

Her doctor examined her ears and found nothing wrong with them. Then Maria told him she might have a brain tumor like her mother, Litsa Menounos, who is battling stage 4 Brain Cancer. Her physician suggested an MRI, but the E! News co-anchor put it off after she began to feel better.

It wasn't until three months later that the television personality agreed to get the MRI. It showed that she had a brain tumor the size of a golf ball.

Leaving hosting position

The 39-year-old co-anchor has decided to leave E! News -- where she has been for the last three years. She believes it is in her best interest to focus on her health. In a recent statement, she acknowledged that she had been happy working with Jason Kennedy, producers, staff, and crew. In fact, she called them her family.

She gave special thanks to Adam Stotsky and Frances Berwick who supported her during her rough patches. She concluded that she will miss everyone as she looks forward to the next phase of her life.

On Monday, July 3, the television host appeared on the "Today" show where she used to be a correspondent. She shared the story about her health issue in an emotional interview.

She said she considered what happened a huge blessing and gift because it has prompted her to make some changes in her life.

She cried as she stated that it is typical for women to become caregivers to others while neglecting their own needs. Because of her ordeal, Maria realizes now that she didn't value herself in a lot of ways.

Support for Maria

Maria has received a lot of support from her fiancé, Keven Undergaro, a writer and producer.

They have been in a relationship since 1998. The former co-anchor stated that since her illness she has been thinking about what really matters. She said on national television that she wants to start a family.

People will miss seeing Maria on television. Some people got to know her when she partnered with Derek Hough on Season 14 of "Dancing with the Stars" in 2012. They ended up in fourth place. Also, some people know Maria as a professional wrestler.

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