Despite Abby Lee Miller’s jail time, “Dance Moms” was still picked up for another season. Since the famously tough dance teacher will be serving her time for one year and a day in prison, she can’t obviously continue teaching the young aspirants on the show. Now, Cheryl Burke is taking the chance to mentor the dancers in the new installment and Maddie Ziegler is extremely happy about this.

After learning that Cheryl Burke will be the new teacher in “Dance Moms,” Maddie Ziegler had nothing but good things to say about the decision. The former Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) Elite Competition Team member expressed her joy that someone who is “really well with the kids” is going to be the new mentor.

“I’m a huge fan of Cheryl’s from Dancing With the Stars. It’ll be cool to see what she does,” Maddie Ziegler told Entertainment Tonight. “Cheryl is a great person, so I think she’ll do really well with the kids. All the girls said they loved her.”

Maddie believes Cheryl Burke is a great addition to ‘Dance Moms’

Although the 14-year-old dancer, model, and actress has previously sworn to never ever go back to the hit Lifetime show, she seemed to be positive when asked about “Dance Moms” season 7B. Maddie Ziegler expressed her excitement for the girls especially now that they will be working with Cheryl Burke.

While “The Book of Henry” actress was all praises when talking about the 33-year-old dancer, model, and TV Host, Maddie Ziegler was not too happy when asked about Abby Lee Miller.

The popular teen is clearly trying to keep her distance from the “Dance Moms” teacher, especially now that her career is going really well and she doesn’t need Abby’s fraud and money laundering cases to be attached to her name at all.

Abby is upset at Maddie and Mackenzie for leaving the Lifetime show

Maddie Ziegler has expanded her brand after leaving “Dance Moms” in season 6 with her mom and younger sister Mackenzie Ziegler.

While the “Ballerina” actress added model, actress, and businesswoman to her already impressive resume, her 13-year-old sister focused more on her music and being a YouTube personality.

The siblings left the show to focus on their individual careers. Abby Lee Miller was certainly not happy with their decision and it caused her relationship with the two ALDC students to be strained. Maddie Ziegler was clearly upset with her teacher’s new treatment and felt that Abby never really cared for her.