Maddie Ziegler has already added actress, model, and businesswoman to her impressive resume, but the star will always be known as that young dancer from “Dance Moms.” Although the Lifetime show and her mentor Abby Lee Miller helped her catapult to stardom, the 14-year-old is now ready to put her stint on the series behind her and she wants nothing to do with her former teacher at all.

Maddie Ziegler and her younger sister, Mackenzie, left “Dance Moms” in Season 6 to seek for greener pastures. After her mega-successful collaboration with Australian superstar Sia, a lot of opportunities were waiting for Maddie in Hollywood.

It was only a matter of time when the young dancer became one of the most sought after stars of her generation.

Now that her career is taking off, Maddie Ziegler does not need anything negative to pull her down.

Maddie’s career blossomed after quitting Lifetime show

Since “Dance Moms” and Abby Lee Miller’s name will always be linked to Maddie Ziegler's name, “The Book of Henry” actress is trying her best not to say much about the show and mostly about her former mentor.

It’s no secret that the 50-year-old dance teacher and choreographer is the one who paved the way for the “Ballerina” star to reach her goal. However, Abby is dealing with a lot of bad press right now after her infamous fraud and money laundering cases.

With these negativities surrounding the “Dance Moms” teacher, Maddie Ziegler is trying to save her career from being tarnished by pulling herself out of Abby’s mess.

Maddie tries to save career by blocking former ‘Dance Moms’ mentor out of her life?

The teen recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight and revealed that she and Abby Lee Miller don’t talk anymore.

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When asked if she was surprised by her mentor’s shocking legal battles, Maddie Ziegler just simply replied, "I don't really think I have anything to say about her.”

This is definitely not the first time that Maddie Ziegler dissed Miller in an interview. The young star has previously shared that she was so happy after leaving "Dance Moms." Maddie noted that being on the Lifetime show was so stressful and the pressure of winning all the time was too much for her young self to handle.

Abby Lee Miller has always made it clear that Maddie Ziegler was her number one student. Although the other moms on the show were protesting because of the mentor's unfair treatment, Maddie revealed that it wasn't all rainbows and butterflies being the favorite.