Lydia Mclaughlin decided to return to "The Real Housewives of Orange County" after spending a few years away from the Bravo spotlight. Lydia wanted to leave the show behind to focus on her family, as she wanted to have another baby with her husband, Doug McLaughlin. The couple had a third baby and she's ready to go back on the show. Tamra Judge had previously revealed that Lydia was completely different - and had now found her voice.

On Monday's episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Lydia decided to confront shannon beador over her fight with Vicki Gunvalson.

While Lydia and Vicki could easily talk about their issues with Shannon, Beador could not talk about it without getting upset. She freaked out and essentially told the viewers that she was far from over the drama with Vicki.

Lydia McLaughlin thought she would bring up the issues between Vicki Gunvalson and Shannon Beador, but she never really expected that Shannon would freak out the way she did. Beador clearly hinted that she was still emotionally over what had been said about herself and her husband. Instead of getting worked up over it, she should have laughed it off.

Did Shannon overreact?

It did sound like Shannon overreacted to Lydia McLaughlin's comments about Vicki. If Beador had just laughed it off, McLaughlin probably wouldn't have said the things she did.

But since she became upset, it did seem as if she had something to hide. While Lydia didn't have mean intentions, it sounds like she was upset about how the conversation ended.

"I was really trying to help the whole situation but felt like I was misunderstood and was never given the opportunity to explain myself. I was trying to remain calm but was quite frustrated.

Shannon just stormed off and I went home really upset that day," Lydia McLaughlin writes in her blog for Bravo.

Lydia's 'lost soul' comment

When Shannon stormed off, Lydia did yell at her that her own mother had called Beador a "lost soul." Of course, many would agree, as Shannon appears to have lost herself a bit after her husband's affair and after the drama with Vicki.

Perhaps Beador has a lot of issues with regards to her co-star, especially as she gained all of that weight. But it is tough to imagine that Shannon only gained weight because of Vicki.

What do you think of Lydia McLaughlin's comments about Shannon? Are you surprised that Beador got so emotional after Lydia brought up the fight with Vicki Gunvalson?