Louis Tomlinson is best known to the world as a former member of the boy band "One Direction". The band decided to split in 2016 and since then the other members of the band have been pursuing a solo career. Not much has been said about band member Louis Tomlinson as he appeared to disappear from the scene for a while. However, he is back and better than ever with his new track titled "Just Hold On" to follow his new single "Back to You". Tomlinson collaborated with singer Bebe Rexha on this track which has already reached the number 2 slot in the UK charts.

The music video is set in Doncaster

According to the Daily Mail, the music video for Tomlinson's newest track is set in Doncaster. The singer recently compared LA to Doncaster. He stated that the people are very different referring to them as chalk and cheese. The artists spend a lot of his time in LA as his son Freddie lives there but he has confirmed that Doncaster is his favorite place to be. It is not much of a surprise that the artist would like to get back to his roots and fans are delighting that he does not forget where he comes from.

The video features Louis Tomlison and Bebe Rexha walking around the streets of Doncaster. The pair even ends up singing on the pitch of the Doncaster Rovers Football Club.

Doncaster is where the artist grew up and it will always be a home to him. Tomlinson's latest music video appears to be a tribute to his home. As fans of "One Direction" will already know Louis lost his mother to cancer last year. Doncaster is no doubt a place of great personal significance for him.

Tomlinson is working on his debut album

Tomlinson is one of that last members of "One Direction" to release his music. While he has already released his solo track titled "Back to You" he recently dropped single "Just Hold On" marks the second single to be released by the artist. His former co-star Harry Styles has already dropped his album and Zayn Malik has been releasing music ever since he left "One Direction".

According to Billboard, the star is going to be releasing his debut album shortly. It appears to be Tomlinson's tactic to build up the hype surrounding his soon to be released album. However, recently the star claimed that he is the least favorite member from "One Direction" and is exceptionally nervous about pursuing a solo career.

There has been no confirmation about the release date of Louis Tomlinson's new album. Fans are eagerly awaiting to see what the former "One Direction" member will have put together in his debut solo album.