Liam Hemsworth has called off his wedding to financé Miley Cyrus. The pair got back together in 2016 and since then have gotten engaged. There was speculation that they got married on the 4th of July. However, the rumors were quickly proved untrue. Hemsworth felt too overwhelmed by the planning of the wedding to be able to continue. The decision to cancel was not a mutual one and Miley is frustrated with her fiancé.

Liam gets cold feet and calls off the wedding

According to Hollywood Gossip, the decision to cancel the wedding was not a mutual one. Hemsworth got cold feet and decided that the best decision to make would be to cancel his wedding with Cyrus.

Hemsworth was becoming overwhelmed with the wedding preparation. He was finding the whole ordeal much too stressful while, Miley was enjoying the experience.

The nature of planning a wedding can be very stressful. Both Cyrus and Hemsworth come from very different families and it is possible there was some conflict of how to best approach the day. The pressure was too much for Liam and he postponed his wedding to his financé. While Cyrus is not happy with the decision she respects what Liam needs. She is determined to wait until he is ready to take the next step in their relationship. For now, the pair remains as solid as they have ever been.

Miley is frustrated with her fiancé

According to Life & Style, Miley Cyrus is not happy with her fiancé's decision to call off their wedding.

Cyrus has changed a lot over the past few months in order to fit into Liam Hemsworth's more traditional family. The star feels like she has put in a lot of effort into changing her image to be with Hemsworth only for him to get cold feet.The star has been clean for three weeks from both drugs and alcohol.

Miley is desperate to be married. She has reached the stage in her life where she feels like she is ready.

Liam's decision to call off the wedding has deeply upset Cyrus. However, she is respecting his decision. Miley's parents are not happy with the news either. Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus want the best for their daughter and want her to settle down with a good man. They remain hopeful that Liam and Miley will be married come the next few years. As for Miley herself, she is prepared to wait however long it takes to marry Liam.

Miley is being very supportive of Liam's decision. She understands that he cannot go forward with their wedding and has resigned to waiting until her financé is ready. Fans will have to wait to see the two stars get married.

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