Recently, Fox 25 News reported that two men got into a violent argument over one of the most burning controversies of our age. The fight was not over Trump vs. Hillary, Hillary vs. Bernie, or even Obamacare vs. Trumpcare. Two grown men tried to kill each other over which franchise is better, “Star Trek” or “Star Wars.”

Police are called in Oklahoma City

The incident took place when a man named Jerome Dwayne Whyte and another man got into a fight over which science fiction franchise was better, “Star Trek” or “Star Wars.” Whyte is alleged to have pushed the other man to the floor twice, the second time choking him.

The other man pulled a knife, and Whyte let go and tried to grab at it, cutting himself. The police later arrested Whyte and took him to the Oklahoma County Jail. No details were available on which man championed which franchise.

‘Star Wars’ vs. ‘Star Trek’ is the ultimate space battle

Most people who are casual fans of TV and film science fiction tend to like both the adventures of Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise and the fight for freedom by the rebels in a galaxy far away. However, the typical human tendency for human beings to argue about just about anything has led to factions in science fiction fandom and hence endless arguments over which is better.

Who is the coolest hero, Kirk or Han Solo?

Who is the most fearsome villain, Khan or Darth Vader? Which starship would prevail in a ship to ship combat, the Enterprise or an Imperial star destroyer? Some people will fight about these and other questions with the fervent zeal that others argue which is the best economic system, capitalism or communism, or dry rub vs wet rub at a barbecue.

However, before the Oklahoma City incident, there has never been a recorded instance when the argument got violent.

To be sure, each series has a differing approach to the way it uses subtext. “Star Wars” tended to delve into grand, mythic themes. “Star Trek” asked questions about the human condition. However, for those people who are a little bit broad minded, the real issue is, why choose?

Both franchises, at their best, are pretty fun to watch. Besides, something can be said for “Battlestar Galactica,” “Babylon Five,” and, of course, “Firefly” for being the superior space epic.

Just to provide some perspective on the controversy, several years ago William Shatner and the late Carrie Fisher cut a couple of videos in which each defended their respective franchises. Both are included for the edification of the reader.