Lana Del Rey is the image of the American beauty in many respects. The singer-songwriter certainly appreciates that her country allows open dissent with that of elected representatives, and her approach went a step further in the case of the current president. The brunette songstress from New York was hardly alone in her heartbreak from the last national elections, per the popular vote. According to recent interviews with NME, reported July 24, Lana Del Rey took a desperate shot on the dark side to deal with Donald Trump.

Exorcising sadness or serious?

Lana Del Rey has never been shy about sharing her political views but did not divulge any details as to a definite plan in her directive pertaining to POTUS.

The “Summertime Sadness” singer seemed to be teasingly protesting when she put out dates of February 24, March 26, April 24, and May 23 with reference to “the stroke of midnight” and ingredients of a white candle, salt, a feather, and an unflattering portrait of the former TV boardroom boss on Twitter.

The New York Daily News reported that one date lined up with the “waning crescent moon,” and was part of a binding ritual to remove the billionaire builder turned politician from office. Lana Del Ray is not saying anything on the matter of intent, but she is describing how her despair over the current resident of the White House is reflected in her artistic image from the stage.

No more waving the colors

The irony is not lost in the fact that Lana Del Rey made her most powerful commentary on societal issues in the song, “National Anthem.” Although blasted by some detractors, the artist’s retelling of the “Camelot” story certainly earned respect. The theme of “money is the answer” rings all the more relevant now under the tide of daily revelations under both congressional and independent counsel investigations.

In countless ways, Lana Del Rey has represented the era of the America of the 1950s and 1960s, and for a younger millennial generation, they may only see that depiction. Regardless of the opinions held about this “shadier” way of casting disagreement, at least those fans will see that police in this nation don’t break down doors to arrest those who follow recipes that even the singer herself claims as part of “a lot of sh**” for which she takes accountability.

Are voters from any party seeing the same accountability from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Wickedness never wins in the end, yet honesty often helps those of frail human character prevail.

For her part, Lana Del Rey is registering her political views from her stage now. She has changed her visuals on tour videos, allowing them to speak their own message. “I'm not going to have the American flag waving while I'm singing ‘Born to Die.’ It's not going to happen,” says the singer, emphatically. She makes the point clear by saying that she would rather have “static” than the former demonstration now.

The singer senses that it would be “weird” to be in France with the American Flag now, the displayed coziness between French president, Emmanuel Macron, and Donald Trump notwithstanding.

The latest album from Lana Del Rey, “Lust For Life” leans heavily on American influence of her favorite familiar eras, this time from a cinematic perspective of the look and color of 60s film and fluffy pop.