In a recent report by HollywoodLife, it has been revealed that Kylie was extremely anxious about the possible leak of alleged intimate videos filmed by Tyga himself. According to the news site, the "Life of Kylie" star is convinced that her former flame will not hesitate to release the clips if the opportunity arises.

Now that the youngest Jenner seems to have a smooth sailing relationship with rapper Travis Scott, many are wondering if Tyga will do something that could potentially ruin not only Kylie's new romance but her image as a celebrity as well.

Kylie and Tyga obsessed with making personal videos

It's no secret that Kylie has always been active on her social media accounts, giving her millions of followers updates about the latest happenings in her life. The 19-year-old curvaceous beauty also loves to document significant moments in her life online, including her romance.

In fact, sources revealed to the news outlet that Kylie and Tyga used to be "obsessed" with making personal videos when they were still together. Apparently, the ex-couple has been very comfortable with filming their intimate moments whenever they have the chance.

"There was barely a moment of their lives that they didn’t capture on their phones, some of which was extremely intimate," the source added.

And now that they pulled the plug on their relationship, Kylie doesn't want any of those videos to surface online and haunt her.

Tyga hints about sexy moments in 'Run It Back'

Just recently, Tyga dropped his new track called "Run It Back". The song, which is part of his latest album Bitch I'm the Shit 2, allegedly bragged about an existence of a sex tape featuring him and Kylie.

In the lyrics, Tyga seemingly confirmed that he and Kylie did film some of their steamy moments as a couple, adding that once it was leaked, it will definitely cause a major dispute between them.

Tyga rapped, "Reaching for my phone/Let me record that a**/Let me record that a**/If the sh*t leak don’t be mad."

The rapper even made a direct reference to the "KUWTK" star, dropping her name in the lyrics, "Beat it in the Cadillac/ that p***y got me sidetracked/ Like Kylie I’m with Tyga/ we the perfect match."

Many assume that the song was written when Kylie and Tyga were still together as a couple, considering how the song described their private moments together.

According to reports, Jenner instantly felt worried upon hearing the track, adding that Tyga might use the videos as a form of revenge.

Tyga admits he's not in love with Kylie anymore

Despite speculations that Tyga might leak their intimate videos, the rapper recently admitted that he has no interest in Kylie anymore. In an interview with "The Breakfast Club," he claimed that he is no longer in love with Kylie.

"I have love for her but I'm not in love with her no more," the "100s" rapper revealed.

Tyga also reiterated that he doesn't have any hard feelings about Kylie's new relationship with Travis Scott, especially since they have separated seven months ago.