Finally, Kylie Jenner, the "KUWTK" star, has altered her tattoo which paid tribute to her former boyfriend rapper, Tyga. It is believed that the young star has finally moved on from her past relationship and is currently happy with her new partner, Travis Scott.

New pictures surfaced online that the tattoo from Jenner's ankle has been finally erased. The supposed to be the letter "T" has been altered and was changed to "la" instead. A zoomed shot was also shared online, and it featured a clear difference from Jenner's tattoo back in 2016 and today.

Tattoo on her left ankle

The "KUWTK" star used to have her tattoo back in 2016 on her left ankle.

Apparently, it seemed to be invisible unless you will try to look for it. Jenner decided to have her ankle tattooed as her tribute to then-boyfriend Tyga.

A report from Hollywood Life has also revealed that Travis Scott, her current boyfriend, has been thrilled after learning that Jenner is finally erasing the tattoo totally from her body.

Meanwhile, the two lovers also had their pair of tattoos recently which were butterflies on their ankles and their back. Most of their fans hope that their relationship will last for years despite the fact that they never had a tattoo of their name initials.

Moving on with Travis

Following her split with former rapper boyfriend, it is good to know that her relationship with Scott is going strong. Most of her fans also love the fact that the "KUWTK" star has finally moved on with the help of Scott.

Finally, Jenner has decided to put Tyga behind and to look forward to what lies ahead with her current relationship.

To recall, Jenner has fallen hard in love with her former boyfriend. However, it seems as if moving on became just comfortable with Scott.

Both had shared several memories in the short run of their relationship. Scott has also been with her on her recent 36-date damn tour recently. The new couple also decided to have their matching tattoos together.

Hence, it is an implication that their relationship is getting stronger.

Jenner and Scott had been dating for a couple of months now. Meanwhile, they put everyone in awe when they debuted their butterfly tattoos in the social media this June. It seems that the youngest of all Kardashians is following the footstep of Khloe when it comes to love.

To recall, her elder sister, Khloe, also had a tattoo of her husband's initials on her hand. Amid the news, everyone is happy as Jenner finally found the happiness of her life through the presence of Scott.

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