Kim Kardashian, the "KUWTK" star, didn't mess around with accusations over cocaine use that was allegedly evident on her SnapChat video. Hence, West's wife immediately took to Twitter and slammed off the accusations that she has been involved with.

To recall, Kardashian-West took to her Instagram and Twitter account on July 10 and posted several photos and videos of her new kids supply clothing collection. With all those videos she shared online, some people have noticed a powdery substance on the video and allegedly claimed that it was a cocaine. The online world was quick to assume that the "KWUTK" star has been involved with drug use.

Proves the rumor false

A report from E! News has confirmed that one of her Twitter followers was quick to write a comment on her post. The comment accused Kim of using cocaine; but eventually, the star slammed the accusation quick as she posted a reply to the Twitter user.

On her response, the mother of two wrote on Twitter, "That's sugar from our candy mess from Dylan's candy shop." Amid the accusation, it has been made clear by Kim before that she has not been into drugs for her entire life. She further added that she even rarely drink but when happened, it is mostly during special occasions.

Meanwhile, Kim has been supported by her sister, Khloe Kardashian. Khloe also took to the social media and shuts down the accusation that her sister has been into cocaine.

She continued that the Kardashians weren't as wild as what most of the people believed. As Khloe ended her post, she wrote, "Drugs so not our style."

Bad role model

With all these accusations about Kim, it was not the first time for her to be accused of drug use. The "KUWTK" star even revealed that she was even considered a bad role model before. She added that she didn't understand why lots of people bother so much of her life.

She emphasized that she didn't involve herself with drugs and had never committed crime over her entire life. However, she also addressed that she didn't understand why people accused her of being a bad role model for being proud of her body.

To recall, it was also last year when Khloe has defended her with the same accusations.

She also shuts down the same rumors that Kim didn't use any kinds of drugs including cocaine. Khloe appeared a little bit pissed when she posted on Twitter that some people were only making up stories.

Despite the allegations, Kim's fans have always believed that she has not been involved with drugs over her life.

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