Happy National Lipstick Day! Irina Shayk and Kim Kardashian celebrated the day by rocking their favorite colors in appealing selfies. Irina Shayk, 31, and Kim Kardashian, 36, took to their Instagram accounts to share their thoughts about National Lipstick Day.

The Daily Mail reported that the actresses posted stunning photographs in their favorite colors of lipsticks and nail paints. National Lipstick Day gives us a chance to know more about the significance of makeup.

Kim and Irina use makeup to achieve absolute perfection

On July 29, both Kim and Irina posted stunning photographs on social media to attract more and more people.

Kim Kardashian, who launched her beauty line called KKW, had the help of her glam squad to achieve absolute perfection. Taking to Snapchat, she shared two videos of herself getting dolled up by her makeup artists. “I am using the most glamorous shades of lipsticks,” Kardashian wrote on her Instagram.

Irina Shayk, on the other hand, put her sexy assets on full display on this day. Bradley Cooper’s girlfriend was dressed in a white bra – she shared her favorite lip products with her seven million Instagram fans and received lots of likes. “Happy National Lipstick Day Irina,” one of her fans wrote in the comment section.

No doubt, Irina Shayk is one of the most beautiful girls in the world and Bradley is lucky to have her in his life.

Of course, Irina and Kim look beautiful without makeup too, but it’s in a girl’s genes to try different beauty products.

Other actresses celebrated this day too

Jessica Alba took to her Instagram on Sunday afternoon to share dozens of pictures of herself. In one of the images, Alba wore the “Truly Kissable Lip Crayon” by her cosmetic brand Honest Beauty.

She named this day as “the most amazing and fun-filled day.”

Alba told Celebrity Insider that she uses loads of coconut oil and shea butter on her skin. The two ingredients help to moisturize her cheeks, lips, and other parts of her face.

Reese Witherspoon also shared some pictures on official Instagram to celebrate National Lipstick Day.

In one of her posts, Reese shared some makeup tips with her fans, revealing the summer shades she especially rates. National Lipstick Day is celebrated on July 29.

For ladies, lipstick is an essential makeup product. Whether light or dark, red or pink, July 29 is a day for all kinds of lipsticks. Years ago, this day was celebrated on an annual basis with no declaration. Thanks to entrepreneur Huda Kattan for giving us the chance to celebrate this day as an event.