Kate Hudson has followed the latest celebrity trend and shaved off her golden locks. The actress is known for her beautiful blonde hair, but according to reports, she shaved her head for her role in the Movie "Sisters." There has not been much information released about the movie, but the hairstyle does have something to do with the character Hudson is playing. Apparently, the star has been hiding her new hairdo under wigs to keep the media from catching on. However, the news has been leaked. Hudson is not the first actress to shave her head for a role and she certainly will not be the last.

Why did she have to shave her head for the role?

According to Cinema Blend, Kate Hudson's upcoming movie required the actress to shave her head for the role. The project is being kept very secretive and there has been no official comment on why exactly she needed to shave her head for the role. "Sisters" is speculated to have a musical element to the movie and it has been confirmed that singer Sia has a major role. Kate Hudson reportedly shaved her head a while back but has been wearing wigs to fool the media.

As for the movie "Sisters", not much is known about the project. There are rumors that Sia is the director of the movie, as Hudson posted a Tweet claiming this. The filming for "Sisters" is ongoing and, as of yet, no wrap date has been announced.

Due to the ambiguous nature of the movie, no release date has been revealed. Fans are extremely curious about the project but it is clear that "Sisters" will be kept secretive for another few months yet.

Hudson is not the first actor to shave her head

Hudson is not the only actress in Hollywood to drastically change her look for a role.

Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven in the Duffer brothers' "Stranger Things" shaved her head for the role. Cara Delevinge chopped off her signature blonde locks for her role in the movie "Valerian". These changes to style have all been for the benefit of the movie and fans are wondering what kind of role Kate Hudson has taken on in the movie "Sisters".

According to Pop Sugar, Kate Hudson is simply following the unconventional fashion trend of modern times. The star has not made any comment on her drastically changed look. Fellow celebrity Cara Delevinge received a lot of media attention when she sported a bald look. It is possible that Hudson wants to avoid this as much as possible.

Kate Hudson has been seen in public showing off her new look.