Justice League” isn’t looking too good behind the scenes as new reports claim that reshoots could cost a whopping $25 million. This is partly due to scheduling conflicts, but Warner Bros. won’t allow it to become a major problem going forward.

This is the first time the Dc Extended Universe is putting together its primary heroes in a team to take down evil. Marvel has done it twice with the “Avengers” movie, and each time turned out very well for the company. Warner Bros. is hoping to have similar successes, and it seems as if the company learned from its past mistakes due to the success of “Wonder Woman.”

Henry Cavill and Ezra Miller busy schedule

A report from Variety claims the “Justice League” reshoots with Joss Whedon at the helm is a disaster as both Henry Cavill who plays Superman, and Ezra Miller who plays the Flash, are currently busy with other projects.

Cavill is shooting his scenes in “Mission Impossible 6,” while Miller is busy with the sequel to “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”

Both men have to be jumping back and forth between “Justice League” and their respective projects, which is taking a toll on production. Furthermore, Cavill has a mustache he’s unable to remove due to contractual obligations with Paramount Pictures.

To get around this problem, Warner Bros. and Joss Whedon have decided to use digital image trickery to remove the mustache. Whether or not such a plan will work as expected is yet to be seen.

Whedon won’t be credited as co-director

Earlier reports claim Joss Whedon would gain the co-director credit for the “Justice League” film, but Variety is saying this might not be the case.

He may, however, receive writing and producing credit.

For those who are wondering what happened to Zack Snyder, he stepped down as director in May after the tragic death of his youngest daughter. Warner Bros. later had Whedon come on board to guide the ship through to the end, but some believe there’s more to the story.

Recently, Snyder removed all “Justice League” related images from his Twitter account; then rumors hit the web claiming “Justice League” is going through extensive reshoots.

Additionally, Warner Bros. announced at Comic Con that the Flash movie would be titled “Flashpoint,” which gives the impression the studio wants to make drastic changes to the DC Extended Universe. The Flash, going back in time to accidentally modify the world could be the means Warner Bros. is looking for to replace Ben Affleck as the Batman with a younger actor.

As it stands, the DCEU is in shambles, but things could change if Whedon is a good captain.