Jennifer Lawrence has made headlines again as she pukes at the production of George Orwell's "1984". This is not the first time that Lawrence has been the center of attention for something of this nature. Her fans will remember her trip at the Oscars and other various stunts that the star has been involved in. The star leaped from her seat half way through the play and was seen by several people getting sick in the lobby. This production of "1984" has been known to make its audience barf but according to the Independent Lawrence merely had a case of the stomach flu.

Lawrence caught the flu from her nephews

The reason behind Lawrence's sudden sickness during the play was because she had caught the stomach flu from her nephews. A representative for Lawrence has stated that the ushers were very helpful in assisting the star. Some reports, such as Jezebel, claim that Lawrence is simply back to her usual tricks. They have stated that she only ever appears in the headlines when she has a movie around the corner.

Jezebel has accused the actor of using this kind of stunts as a means of promotion for her newest movies. They have backed up their claims by stating that Lawrence is due to star in a movie titled "Mother" in October.

Olivia Wilde stars in the production of '1984'

Olivia Wilde has responded to the claims that Jennifer Lawrence leaped from her seat and got sick in the lobby half way during the show. She tweeted out that as long as she is in the play, Lawrence has a place to puke. However, there have been questions raised about the violent nature of the play.

According to the Daily Mail, this version of Orwell's "1984" has previously made audience members vomit and faint after watching the torture scenes shown during the play.

The Orwellian drama stars Olivia Wilde and that star did not hesitate to respond to these claims. Olivia, who plays Julia in the play, has stated that she is not surprised people are reacting in such a manner.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the torture scenes are quite graphic as the director did not want to wash down the truth the audience would see. Wilde has stated that the experience of the play is unique and highly immersive.

The play has made many of the audience physically and emotionally uncomfortable. During one night's production of the show, an argument broke out in the audience. The police had to be contacted to resolve it. There has been no further comment from Jennifer Lawrence or her representatives about the incident. Fans are wondering what the star could possibly get up to next.