Javi Marroquin has been throwing some serious shade at his ex, Kailyn Lowry, though to be fair, she has been dishing it right back. The pair have been speaking to one another on social media indirectly, both throwing subtle disses at one another as they move on with their lives.

Javi has settled down with new girlfriend, Lauren Comeau, whom he made public after dating just a few days. Although he deleted their photo on Instagram in order to "give her privacy," he has been posting and tweeting about their relationship up a storm. Javi does have a tendency to date women and then break up after only a few weeks, as Javi has already been in relationships with at least four different girls since his split from Kail in late 2016.

Javi throwing shade at Kailyn

Javi has thrown very subtle shade at Kail by stating that he is not only incredibly happy with Lauren Comeau, but that this is the happiest he has ever been. Evidently that means even on the best days he had with Kailyn, they weren't as good as the time he's been spending now with Lauren.

The pair have been seen on his Instagram and Snapchat as they explore Lauren's native South Carolina. The pair have been photographed doing water sports, hugging baby animals and generally having an all around good time as they still get to know one another.

Javi and Lauren met at a wedding earlier this month, but the pair have been chatting online for quite a while. They made things official at the wedding, and Javi announced that this relationship was unlike any he had ever been in, despite it only being a couple of weeks old.

Kail disses him right back

Although Kailyn is now single and about to deliver her third child with her third baby daddy, she has subtly thrown shade right back at him. After the numerous photos of Javi with his new girlfriend Kailyn has said that the South Carolina trip they went on reminded her of when they went to South Carolina together for a water skiing trip.

Kail was given lots of grief from her fans and followers after she said that, especially since she hasn't necessarily been the kindest person in the world in regards to Javi. On "Teen Mom 2," she has asked him numerous times not to get a drink at his own house or throw away bills in her home.

The pair seem to be on okay terms for the sake of their children, but it seems Kail is still very guarded and not interested in having much of a friendship with him, though clearly, she is more than a little jealous of his happiness.