Jennifer Aniston is showing odd weight gain recently and no one's quite sure why. Pals say the "Friends" star is having marriage troubles after the divorce of her ex-husband Brad Pitt from second wife Angelina Jolie. It's said that Jen's showing too much support for her current husband Justin Theroux's liking. The A-lister did gain weight for a movie role in "Cake" but that was back in 2014. Regardless of etiology, doctors speculate the svelte actress has packed on as much as 50 pounds. What's up with the former "Sexiest Woman of All-Time"?

Jennifer Aniston too close for husband's comfort?

Gossip has it that since the notorious Brangelina split, Aniston has been way too available for her ex-husband Brad--at least in the eyes of her new spouse Justin Theroux. When the Hollywood super couple divorced there was a lot of discussion about how Aniston would take it. Pitt ended their marriage amid a cheating scandal with Angelina. Now Jolie is leveling her own infidelity accusations which Pitt's supposed mistress Marion Cotillard denies. Is karma smiling on the jilted ex?

Jennifer Aniston comfort eating?

Jen claims Theroux has nothing to be jealous of and that she's just comforting Brad. Is she taking the moral high ground or rubbing salt in Jolie's wounds?

Either way, her current man isn't too pleased. The "Rumor has It" star is rumored to be always fighting her partner, eating herself to death, and heading for obesity. Doctors concur that binge eating on comfort foods is common in divorce. But as Jen's the vindicated one in a happy marriage, does that apply?

Doc calls Jennifer Aniston grossly overweight

Dr. Stuart Fischer, author of "The Park Avenue Diet," says Aniston's added 50+ pounds to her petite frame. In "Office Christmas Party" with Jason Bateman, Aniston looked heavier. But Dr. Fischer is just throwing out numbers as he hasn't treated Aniston, He has no idea what she weighed before, nor does he know her current weight.

A weight loss expert herself, Jen has kept in good shape except for her starring role in "Cake." She put on pounds for that role as actors Lily Collins, Adam Driver, Liam Neeson, and Andrew Garfield have for other movies. And, by age 47, the weight has started to redistribute, so that could give a heavier look. The biggest weight gain seems to be in her face and neck. Could the actress be suffering some kind of illness that causes bloating? At any rate, 50-pound weight gain seems a bit exaggerated.