Farrah Abraham shocked everyone when she decided to film a sex tape and sell it to Vivid Entertainment. For a long time, this "Teen Mom OG" star tried to alter the truth by saying that she had been dating famous porn-star James Deen and that he filmed her without permission. This was supposedly her way of saying that she would never do an adult film for money. However, it sounds like James didn't want to be portrayed as a guy who will use people for the sake of money.

When Farrah went on "Couples Therapy," she revealed that she had been raped. This was the first time that she had talked about this painful event, and fans were confused as to when this happened.

Farrah was vague about it and she only told Dr. Jenn Mann about the rape in private. She had no interest in speaking out about the rape on national television.

According to a new Radar Online report, Farrah Abraham's father is now breaking his silence and he's telling Radar Online about what happened to this "Teen Mom" star. Apparently, Abraham's father feels that it is necessary that people know what happened to his daughter.

Sexual encounter briefly discussed on 'Couples Therapy'

Abraham herself hasn't discussed the sexual encounter in detail. She hasn't opened up about what happened in regards to the rape and she could be trying to forget what happened to her. However, her father can't let it go because he doesn't feel that what happened to her daughter is acceptable or right.

While Farrah Abraham has hinted that it was James who raped her, her father won't name the man who forced himself upon her daughter. But he has revealed that it was someone who was linked to the industry. He also reveals that it happened around the time she was selling her tape to Vivid Entertainment.

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Does she regret doing the sex tape for profit?

Farrah has since acknowledged that she did film her sex tape for profit. She admits to making upwards of $1 million for her sex tape and she reveals that she filmed more than one. However, she has never expressed regrets for filming the tape. Instead, Abraham has managed to launch various businesses because of the millions of dollars she pocketed.

In other words, she can now provide for her daughter, Sophia, and help make her dreams come true.

What do you think about Farrah Abraham's father speaking out about her sex tape? Do you think it is odd that he's now bringing this up again since it has been years since it happened to her daughter?