james kennedy may see himself as a professional DJ. He's working as a DJ, he has lots of friends, he likes his drinks, and he is being chased by fangirls, because of his role on “Vanderpump Rules.” Last year, James was flirting with many of the cast members and he supposedly hooked up with one of the girls who worked at SUR, even though he was already dating a new girl named Raquel.

Even though many of the stars of “Vanderpump Rules” tried to tell Raquel that he was cheating on her, she didn't listen. She decided to stay with him and work on their relationship.

And it sounds like he is now a devoted man, as he's been sharing his love for Raquel on social media.

James is now gushing about being in a relationship

According to a new tweet, James Kennedy recently gushed about his girlfriend as they celebrated some time together in San Diego. She shared a picture of them together and he retweeted it. He may be sending his “Vanderpump Rules” cast members a message, saying that he is now a one-woman man even though last year may have been different.

He never admitted to cheating on Raquel and he denied ever having shared a bed with another woman during the time that they were together, even though there were pictures of them in bed.

Raquel decided to forgive him and she didn't believe any of the rumors that were being spread about her boyfriend.

Of course, Kennedy hasn't always been a guy you could trust. Even when it comes to his employer, Lisa Vanderpump, it sounds like he was saying one thing and doing another. He was saying that he was clean and sober.

But Lisa would find him drinking while he was DJing for her. It was rough for him to get his act together and it was hard for him to leave the drink alone when he was working.

Has he changed since Lala Kent left the show?

Many of his “Vanderpump Rules” co-stars thought that he was losing control, and he couldn't figure out how to get his life back together.

It sounds like Raquel may have had something to do with him staying clean and sober and keeping a job for a while.

These days it sounds like he is doing well. He's back DJing at SUR, and he is staying clean and sober. Based on some social media posts from his co-stars, it sounds like also getting along with them quite nicely. Jax Taylor and James used to fight all the time but they are now spending some time quality time together during a cast trip. In other words, it sounds like James has completely turned his life around after Lala Kent decided to leave the show behind.

What do you think of James Kennedy's devotion to his girlfriend Raquel? Are you surprised that he is a one-woman man now even though he was caught cheating last year?