Instead of acting as the assistant and senior adviser to the President, it seems like Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner spend their time collecting art: an activity the couple started soon after their marriage in 2009. She described her hobby as an "exploration of fun." It has been revealed that the couple's total art collection worth $25 million, the Guardian reported.

Trump's daughter and her husband own artworks from many famous artists

The couple is not unknown to the art world. They have worked with Alex Marshall who is the art adviser of the New York and also held a dinner party for Sotheby's (Art dealer company in NY) on Kushner properties.

Ivanka's all the favorite artists are from the America including Christopher Wool and Alex Israel. She has bought artworks from Nate Lowman (known for twist pop art) and Dan Colen whose one of the paintings sold for $578,500 in 2012.

Ivanka and Kushner were criticized for not disclosing their artwork which could be seen in the background pictures of Ivanka's Instagram account. The Office of Government Ethics said that if federal employees kept any artwork worth more than $1,000 for investment purposes, then they have required to report it. But, Kushner's lawyer cleared to Artnet that all the million dollars artwork collected by the couple is only for decoration purpose, reported by Business Insider.

Kushner and Trump's attorney said that they would include all the details in the updated financial filings. They will be able to mention the details of their assets and wealth in ranges rather than in precise numbers. The couple's current combined assets are at least $207 million, but it could be increased to $762 million.

Trump and her father have different taste in art

Ivanka's father bought a 6-foot tall portrait of himself, but she has different taste in art than her father. Donald trump has very choosy taste in art. In 1981, he commissioned Andy Warhol to paint renditions of Trump Tower. Ivanka is the fan of contemporary art, but he does not like such stuff and once called Chris Ofili's painting a "degenerate stuff." He likes the 19th-century sculptures and paintings and owns a prototype of La Loge (oil painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir in 1874).

In January 2017, Richard Prince sold his painting to the couple but later claimed that it was not a genuine piece he made and returned $36,000 payment to Ivanka and called it "fake art," according to the Guardian. Last year, Alex Da Corte commented on Trump's Instagram picture in which she is posing in front of his painting. He said, "Dear @Ivankatrump, please get my work off of your walls. I am embarrassed to be seen with you."