Rick Ross came under fire when he revealed his reason for not signing up female rappers in Maybach Music Group he founded in 2009. “I never did it because I always thought I would end up f--king a female rapper and f--king the business up," he said in "The Breakfast Club" on Monday.

The rapper went on to explain what he is looking for in an artist before signing him to his record label. Rick Ross said he's got to unique and someone who is eager to reach the top. "Once you show me something unique, and you show me that hunger, Double-M G is ready to rock," he explained.

The internet fires back at Rick Ross

His comments on women, however, have put him under public scrutiny. In fact, many women on the internet have expressed their disgust on the rapper's statements which they deemed misogynist and sexist. Amanda Seales was among those who took offense at the remarks and called Rick Ross a "douche."

Rapper apologizes for sexist remarks

After getting a surge of criticisms for his comments on women, Rick Ross released a lengthy statement to reflect on what he said.

The American rapper said his record label became a success because of two women who are dear to him. He specifically credited his mother and sister for their contribution to the ongoing success of his record label.

He went on to say that he also has a daughter whom he considers the "most cherished gift" he received in his life.

The "Thug Cry" rapper acknowledged that he made a mistake and wished to use this opportunity to correct the damage and deliver an important message to the public.

Despite getting slammed on social media, the 41-year-old musician and entrepreneur has nothing but praises to those took had the courage to call him out when he was wrong.

Rick Ross is also looking forward to working with female artists in the future.

He assured that Maybach Music Group will feature female artists who are aiming to be the next superstars of the record label. He is also hoping to clarify his comments with his effort to support these aspiring artists on their journey to reaching their dreams.

After he issued an apology, Rick Ross shared a couple of photos where he posed with female artists, London Dior and Trina. The "Rather You Than Me" artist remembered the late London Dior for her "amazing artistry," while he labeled Trina as the "baddest chic" in the industry.

Rick Ross even interacted with his fans in the comment section and replied to a commenter who asked if he can sponsor a fundraising event for black women.