Actor John Heard, who is best known for his role as Peter McCallister in “Home Alone,” dies at 72. The Santa Clara County coroner’s office confirmed John’s death to Variety on Sunday, July 23. Heard turned to the film industry in 1980, going on to main land characters in “The Sopranos,” “Heart Beat,” “Chilly Scenes of Winter,” “Cat People,” “C.H.U.D,” and “Cutter’s Way.”

He also played supporting roles in features like “After Hours,” “Awakenings,” “Big,” “Rambling Rose,” “The Pelican Brief,” “Beaches,” “My Fellow Americans,” “Animal Factory” and “Snake Eyes.”

The reason of his death

John Heard is remembered for his work in “Home Alone,” which earned over $500 million internationally and was the No.

1 movie of 1991. On July 24, Sanjose Inside revealed that the “Home Alone” actor was found dead in a Hotel Room in California. Hotel staff called for help, but he was pronounced dead as soon as cops arrived on the scene. For now, the police is investigating his case, but an eyewitness told us that John Heard had minor injuries on his body. John’s third wife, Lana Pritchard, told Radar Online that she was “sad and heartbroken” to hear that her husband had passed away.

"My husband was in Palo Alto to heal from a minor back surgery,” Lana told the news website. Heard married to Margot Kidder in 1979, but they announced their separation after a few weeks. He had a son, John Matthew, with girlfriend Melissa Leo.

After his separation from Margot, John Heard tied the knot with Sharon Heard, and they had two kids together. He also married to Lana Pritchard in May 2010 and filed for a divorce after eight months.

The actor was in good spirits in the final interview before his death

In his last interview with Metro, John Heard was in good spirits and excited about his future projects.

The actor also recalled some of his most incredible characters on a podcast.

“I’ve never watched my films, but I know that I'm a good performer because my fans are happy with my work,” John told the news outlet. The actor also revealed that he wanted to become a TV artist in his childhood. In addition to sharing stories of his life, John took some time to admire his co-stars, including Catherine O'Hara and Jeff Bridges.

The “Home Alone” star died six months after his estranged son passed away in his sleep. Max Heard was found dead in his bedroom in December 2016, half a year before the death of his father in a hotel room.