"Heathers" has signed up selma blair ("American Crime Story") for a recurring role. The hour-long dark comedy series will air on TV Land sometime in 2018 and production has been rolling since this spring.

Selma Blair will play Jade, the step mother to one of the Heathers. Married to a wealthy 82-year-old, her gold-digging character is described as "a stripper menthol smoker who is rough around the edges, but with a bit of glamor to her."

Selma Blair confirmed her casting by posting a photo on Twitter. "Do I look like step Mother Theresa?" the actress asked with a photo that was taken from one of her earlier works as a chain-smoking naughty girl.

What will be the tweaks in the reboot?

The "Heathers" reboot is based on the 1988 cult movie starring Winona Ryder (“Stranger Things”), Shannen Doherty (“Charmed”), Christian Slater (“Mr. Robot”), Kim Walker (“The Outsiders”) and Lisanne Falk. It's about social pressures among teenagers in school where a group of popular kids who are all named Heather ruled the hierarchy. They were, however, the target of a sociopathic murderer who kills off the girls one by one.

"Heathers" on TV Land will undergo some slight tweaks though. The show has called for an African-American lesbian, young man and a plus-size woman for the title characters, whereas the original film was led by straight, all-American, perfect-looking Caucasian girls.

Newcomer Jasmine Matthews will play Heather McNamara, the lesbian. Brendan Scannell will play Heath Duke, who is male but identifies as female. Melanie Field will play Heather Chandler, a heavy-set young woman. Lisanne Falk, Shannen Doherty, and Kim Walker played the characters in the original iteration.

James Scully will take on the role of J.D., which Christian Slater originally played.

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Grace Victoria Cox will tackle Veronica, the role Winona Ryder played in the movie and who became J.D.'s accomplice.

Who will return from the original cast?

In 2016, Shannen Doherty agreed to grace the reboot in an undisclosed role.

TV Land, however, said her character would be pivotal to the show. It’s unclear, however, if the network also approached rest of the original actors for a cameo in the new series.

Jason Micallef wrote the script to the "Heathers" reboot with Leslye Headland directing the pilot episode. The show will be an anthology offering, and if it earns a second season on TV Land, a new group of Heathers in a different setting will be cast.