Grace Vanderwaal appeared on the music scene when she auditioned for "America's Got Talent." Not only did the musician receive a golden buzzer but she also ended up winning the 11th season of the show. Shortly after her big win she signed a record deal with Columbia Records and released her first EP titled "Perfectly Imperfect." In 2017, she won an award for the best new artist. Her video for her song "Moonlight" was just dropped today and fans could not be more excited.

The musician explains the inspiration behind her song

Grace VanderWaal has recently released the music video for her song "Moonlight.

" According to Just Jared, Grace explained that her song is about a friend's struggle with depression. While the musician is still young at only 13-years-old she shows a deep understanding of the world. Grace has spoken candidly about writing a song focusing on such a serious issue.

In an interview with Rookie Magazine, VanderWaal has shown great knowledge of the struggles of dealing with depression. She talked about the stigma surrounding the topic and while there are a lot of people who are afraid to talk about it, they shouldn't be afraid. The singer stated that depression is real and is something that a lot people around the world experience. She said the inspiration for this song came from her friend's dealings with depression and VanderWaal said that she has a first-hand experience of watching someone she loves suffering.

This was the star's first ever music video

According to Niagara Frontier Publications, this is the first video that VanderWaal has ever shot in a professional capacity. The star has a YouTube channel and records covers of songs. However, this shoot was very important for the musician as it went along with her new song "Moonlight" which covers the issue of depression.

Grace envisioned the kind of angle she wanted to go with in her video and worked with director Blythe Thomas to make this a reality.

Grace said that showing the visual aspects of the words were very important to her. Many of Grace's friends and her sister featured in the music video as the singer promotes the message of supporting one another.

The song "Moonlight" is very close to the singer's heart and she wanted to make sure everything was perfect.

Grace VanderWaal continues to surprise and delight fans with her creativity. The star has already been nominated for Choice Next Big Thing for Teen Choice 2017.