The first Wonder Woman movie managed to garner appreciation from fans and critics alike, as most comic book lovers also loved the way the film was presented. Gal Gadot, the star who portrayed the lead role, was also met with high-praise for her efforts and acting skills. The movie which hit screens in the United States this summer and managed to rake in $390 million domestically.

However, close on the heels of the success, the Warner Bros team behind the film announced during Comic-Con that a second movie was already in the works and the talented Gadot will be back as Wonder Woman in the second movie of the franchise.

This announcement has now been followed by the studio by also revealing the probable release date for the next film. In a statement on Tuesday, July 25, Warner Bros executives revealed that the upcoming Wonder Woman 2 will hit theatres on December 13, 2019.

Release date of the movie revealed

Fans will be overjoyed to hear that the studio behind the superhero franchise has claimed that the second entry into the Wonder Woman franchise will be released in just around two and a half years from now. Although details regarding the film are too early to be revealed, the studio has claimed that Gadot will reprise her role. This is hardly surprising considering the high amount of praise that she has received from the audience for her portrayal of the character.

Wonder Woman turned out to be not only the largest grossing film of summer but is also ranked fourth in terms of overall global collection this year, raking in a massive $860 million. However, the film is still holding its own in theatres. In fact, it is the strongest ranking superhero film in the last 15 years.

Gadot will be seen portraying the role once again for the upcoming Justice League film which is all set to hit screens in November.

So, fans looking forward to seeing the star in the role of Diana Prince will not have to wait long. It remains to be seen how that film fares in terms of the DC Universe, which has got a fresh lease of life since Wonder Woman.

Will Patty Jenkins direct the sequel as well?

Director Patty Jenkins was given most of the credit for the first Wonder Woman film’s success as she managed to bring together all of the great elements that could be created in the franchise.

This is why fans would be wondering whether Jenkins would be back for the second edition as well. However, Warner Bros has yet to announce whether she would indeed be at the helm of the film. For now, it seems quite plausible that she would be back to direct the sequel.