Flip of Flop’ co-host Tarek El Moussa declared that he does not want Christina El Moussa back in his life. But if he does not file the proper documents, their divorce might be thrown out by the court. And it means that they will remain married to each other.

Tarek and Christina have admitted in public that their relationship as husband and wife has ended. In fact, the 34-year-old real estate agent has already moved on with a 55-year-old Orange County businessman named Doug Spedding. Tarek is enjoying vacations with different women but no serious relationship has been confirmed from his end.

'Flip or Flop' hosts works alongside with each other despite divorce

But their partnership in Flip or Flop” remains strong and has been doing well in their episodes as professional hosts. The former couple are co-parenting their kids but have been living separate lives since late last year.

The couple admitted that their estrangement started when police were called to their home in May 2016 after a call for a possible suicidal male with a gun. The police, including helicopters, came and witnesses informed that Tarek stormed out of their house with a gun and went down passing a hiking trail allegedly angry. When the police caught up with him he said that he brought the gun for protection and he was merely letting off steam.

The couple quarreled because of Christina’s alleged affair with the pool contractor Gary Anderson.

In January 2017, Tarek filed for divorce from Christina asking joint custody of their two children – Brayden and Taylor. He also asked for spousal support from his ex-wife. Almost half a year later, the divorce of the “Flip or Flop” hosts remained in limbo with a possibility of being dismissed.

Christina has not responded also as she waits for Tarek’s action on the case.

Tarek El Moussa did not file for divorce

Tarek has been amiss in his filing but he is not taking his wife back. In fact, he said that he is not jealous of her new boyfriend. Doug Spedding and Christina El Moussa used to date 10 years ago before she married the father of her two children.

Christina is adjusting her life as the partner of the businessman. She has already met his children and he and his children have met the El Moussas too.

What is taking the couple too long to finalize their divorce? Are they afraid that their separation with affect the HGTV show? Now that the new season of “Flip of Flop” is running fine, the couple might finally put an end to their seven-year marriage.