"Fifth Harmony" is a Girl Band that was created during the second season of "The X-Factor". The group consists of members Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane and Lauren Jauregui. The girls initially auditioned as solo artists and much like "One Direction," judge Simon Cowell thought that they would be better performers together. Camila Cabello was also a member of the group at this time but has since left the band.The girls signed a deal with Syco Record and this began their steady rise to fame. Since the departure of Cabello, the band has been searching for her replacement.

Fans filling the spot left by Cabello

According to E!, the girls of "Fifth Harmony" have stated that for now, their fans are filling the fifth spot in their band. When Cabello left the girls received a lot of support online from their loyal fans. The situation was very difficult for the girls at the time and since then they have been searching for a replacement for Cabello. In a recent interview with E!, the girls laughed off the question of who their fifth member will be.

The band is remaining coy about who will be replacing Camila but rumors have been circling that an artist has been found. "Fifth Harmony" has teased this through their social media and fans are dying to know who the new member is.

The girl band is certainly building up the hype surrounding their new member. They have not yet confirmed that they have a new member of their band but fans are adamant that despite their silence, the girls have found their replacement member.

Camila Cabello's exit

Cabello left "Fifth Harmony" in in 2016with little warning. Her decision rocked the band as according to Page Six, the star did not even bother to address her fellow band members herself.

Allegedly her representative contacted the girls and told them to news of Cabello's departure. Since then her absence has left a huge hole in the girl band. The band titled "Fifth Harmony" now only has four members contradicting their name. The girls have been actively searching for Cabello's replacement.

The remaining members are no longer on good terms with their former band member.

Cabello's exit was full of drama and "Fifth Harmony" have stated that they are stronger as a unit without her. According to Billboard, there were many therapy sessions had after Cabello's departure.

"Fifth Harmony" continue to tease the media about their fifth member. Fans are dying to know who the individual is but it appears that they will have to wait a little longer before the big reveal.