Big Brother 19” rumors are painting a very negative picture of Christmas Abbott right now. The cross fit champion is struggling to deal with a severe injury to her foot and it is starting to turn fans against her. It has also put the rest of the “BB19” cast in a difficult position between treating her like a competitor and feeling bad for her.

Jason Dent was playing around with Christmas Abbott in the back yard when he dropped her and came down hard on her foot. She had to leave the house several times to have doctors look at the foot, eventually leading to a long surgery and hospital stay for her.

It was from her hospital bed that Christmas had to cast a vote during the last Eviction Ceremony, raising a lot of questions about her time in the “BB19” house.

How long will Christmas Abbott be recovering from her foot surgery?

When Christmas Abbott returned from her foot surgery, she told the rest of the cast that it was worse than originally thought. She reportedly broke 10 bones in her foot, dislocated four more, and tore a ligament. That has led to quite a few “Big Brother 19” rumors that she could decide to self-evict from the game due to medical concerns. If Christmas doesn’t receive medical clearance, she isn’t allowed to play in any physical competitions. It may take a year for her to fully recover, meaning a lot of tough days are ahead of her in the rehabilitation phase.

Not being able to play in any endurance challenges or other competitions that take physical movement is a rough position for Christmas to be in this season. It also has a lot of fans expressing disdain on social media, with the complaint being that she shouldn’t be able to remain a part of the “BB19” cast if she can’t even play in the weekly competitions.

It only made matters worse when she was outside of the house during the July 13 Eviction Ceremony.

Are fans blaming Christmas for something beyond her control?

At the heart of these “Big Brother 19” rumors is that Christmas Abbott has repeatedly stated that she wants to remain in the game. It appears, on the live feeds, like she is having a very difficult time with the pain and her normal daily activities.

It’s not a fun experience to be locked in a house with strangers while going through a recovery like this, but it is made even more difficult by her cast mates having to treat the situation very carefully. If they are seen as being mean to Christmas, it could lose them support with people who vote for the temptations.

At the moment, it appears that Christmas is going to continue to tough-out the situation, even though she can barely walk around the “BB19” house. Producers have addressed some of the complaints on social media, stating that they won’t adjust competitions to help her out, but that hasn’t stopped the complaints about her continuously leaving the house for treatments. Is production keeping her around because she is good friends with Paul Abrahamian and this helps his game? That’s another of the “Big Brother 19” rumors floating around, which only serves to create more disdain for Christmas Abbott, even if none of this is her fault.