"Famously Single" has been airing Season 2 on the E! network for a few weeks now. The cast this season isn't as famous as last season, but immediately there were two people who hit it off. Malika Haqq and Ronnie Magro-Ortiz had an attraction from day one and as the show has progressed, so has their relationship. It has been several months since the show taped, and now, there is an update on their status as a couple.

Malika and Ronnie get steamy

On the most recent episode of "Famously Single," the couple finally got to go on a date alone. They had previously been getting to know one another in the house, but everyone else was around.

On Sunday's episode, they had a picnic date and ended up checking into a hotel for the night. While it wasn't confirmed, fans were excited for them to take "the next step" in their relationship.

There have been several updates on the couple since filming ended, all of them pointing to the two still being together. They shared several photos on social media of their relationship, but in recent weeks, things slowed down. Fans have been waiting for an update from Malika Haqq and Ronnie Magro-Ortiz, and the answer they got wasn't what they had hoped for.

Two different love languages

Unfortunately, Malika Haqq and Ronnie Magro-Ortiz have officially called it quits. According to the Hollywood Gossip, their love languages just weren't the same.

Malika is big on communication, but Ronnie was more aggressive than she would have liked. While it didn't appear that they split on less than amicable terms, it is possible. The details surrounding their break up weren't made public, Malika seemed to be pretty okay with the decision.

It was a whole different ball game when the "Famously Single" pair took their relationship into the real world.

Both have jobs outside of the show and now, Ronnie Magro-Ortiz is about to take part in the "Jersey Shore" reunion that is confirmed to be taping. Rumors circulated that he may have been interested in getting back together with his ex, but that has not been confirmed.

"Famous Single" is still airing for another few weeks. It is disappointing to learn that Malika Haqq and Ronnie Magro-Ortiz couldn't make it work, especially since they two seemed compatible while filming. Their relationship lasted longer than many thought and while they aren't going to be together forever, it was definitely something entertaining and endearing to watch.