Disney concludes the search for Aladdin after naming Mena Massoud as the new face of the iconic title role. As promised, after choosing the actor to fill in Aladdin's shoes, the film makers have also announced the casting of Naomi Scott as Jasmine. Unfortunately, Disney's choice for Aladdin's princess has drawn negative criticisms from fans.

Fans prefer actress with Arab heritage to play the role of Jasmine

The long wait is over. After news on difficulties of choosing the perfect actor, Disney completes the cast of the live action remake of its classic tale, "Aladdin." The film makers announced that newcomer actor Mena Massoud have been chosen to play the titular role.

Also, Disney confirms that "Power Rangers" star Naomi Scott has been cast as the new princess Jasmine.

After more than 2000 auditions, film makers were relived to finally introduce Massoud as the new Aladdin. Unfortunately, Disney is now faced with an upset audience as disappointed fans took social media to express their dismay over Scott's casting.

The original Aladdin was set in Agrabah, a fictional country in the Disney universe. However, given the country's terrain and structures, many fans have assumed that the fictional country was located in the heart of Middle East. The assumption has led to calls for Disney to cast actors with of Arab descent for the live action remake of Aladdin.

Mena Massoud who is of Egyptian background is gaining positive feedback.

Unfortunately, the casting of Naomi Scott have earned negative criticism from upset fans. Scott is of British and Indian background. Her mother is of Gujarati Indian descent while her father is British.

Disappointed fans expressed their dismay in social media. One fan pointed out that Scott was white and Indian while Jasmine was black and Middle Eastern, hence, Scott was no Jasmine at all.

Another tweet says Scott as Jasmine cannot be tolerated.

Will Smith is Aladdin's Genie; other characters remain unveiled

Aladdin's Genie has been synonymous with the late actor Robin Williams who voiced the iconic character in the film's original animated version released in 1992. And for the upcoming live action remake of the hit classic, Disney picks Will Smith to continue William's the legacy.

Reports claim that the film makers have not been after casting famous actors and actresses in the lead roles. They are confident that Smith's fame is more than enough to bank on.

Meanwhile, fans continue to stand by for the big reveal of the actors who will give life to other iconic Aladdin characters such as the villainous Jafar, his sidekick Iago, and Jasmine's father, the kind Sultan.