The Duggars have had a lot of scandals on their hands. Between Josh Duggar's sex scandal, the scandal as to how the Duggar's discipline their children, and Joy-Anna Duggar's courtship rule breaking scandal. Now the scandal is that Joy-Anna has been spotted not wearing her wedding ring and fans went crazy. How dare she!

Fans reacted to an Instagram post where Joy-Anna is seen not wearing her wedding ring or engagement ring

Joy-Anna does not have her own Instagram account. Knowing the Duggars strict rules, she probably just isn't allowed to have one. So she shares one with her newly-wed husband, Austin Forsyth a.nd considering that, it wouldn't be a surprise if Austin is the one who doesn't allow her to have her own account.

The two youngsters got married over Memorial Day Weekend about a month ago. They decided to spend their one month anniversary in Israel which considering how religious they are, seems fitting. The first thing people noticed wasn't their Zionist hashtags, but instead the fact that Joy-Anna's wedding ring and engagement ring are nowhere to be seen in the photo and they went into a frenzy.

It apparently is a horrible thing to be seen without your wedding ring to the Duggar's conservative fans as they were surprised that the conservative would let herself be photographed with her rings on.

What was the actual reasoning for Joy-Anna to not be wearing her wedding ring and engagement ring?

Obviously, nobody knows, but some fans in the comments had some practical ideas.

Some said that maybe that's her right hand being shown in the photo, even though it is obviously her left.

Others said that during their wedding on "Counting On" Austin had a hard time getting her ring on her finger so maybe she's just having it resized.

Another theory is that maybe she took it off and put it in a safe place because she didn't want to lose it while on vacation.

Many fans commented that when they're at the pool or at the beach they take their's off.

Either way, it is not uncommon for women to take their wedding rings off for a short time and the fact that fans are making a scandal over it just proves how invested they are into the show and the lives of the Duggars.

After it came out that Joy-Anna had broken courtship rules with Austin Forsyth, it seems as though the Duggar fans are looking for every little thing that she and her new hubby are doing wrong.

In conclusion, there are more important things going on in the world and maybe the fans should stop wasting their energy on such silly things like whether or not Joy-Anna is wearing her wedding ring. In the end, it's her and Austin's business and not theirs.

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