Jill and Derick Dillard are celebrating the birth of the newest member of the Duggar clan. The Dillard family announced on their website that the couple's second child was born via c-section on Saturday, July 8. Fans of the "Counting On" stars have been waiting patiently for photos of little Samuel Scott Dillard and it didn't take long for the couple to share the baby's first pic on social media.

Samuel's first photo

Almost eight hours after Jill gave birth to a beautiful 9 pound, 10-ounce baby boy, her husband, Derick, posted a photo of their newborn son on both Twitter and Instagram.

Shortly after Samuel was born, the Dillard family issued an official statement to fans who were thrilled to hear that the mother and baby are doing well after a long labor.

“We are excited to finally announce the arrival of Samuel Scott Dillard, the newest addition to our family arrived on Saturday, July 8, 2017, at 1:02 pm," the family stated.

They went on to reveal the baby's stats. Samuel is 9 pounds, 10-ounces and 22" long. In the statement, the Dillard family also noted that "after 40 hours of labor, he was delivered via C-section at the hospital" and thanked fans for their "continued prayers and support!"

Samuel's big brother

Now that fans have had their first glimpse of baby Samuel, they are eagerly awaiting the first photo of the baby with his big brother.

Jill and Derick's first son, Israel was born in April 2015. The two-year-old is frequently featured on the couple's Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Jill recovers from childbirth

Hopefully, Duggar fans will be able to see the two boys together in the coming days.

For now, Jill is in recovery mode after having her second c-section. "Counting On" fans will probably see more pics from Derick in the coming days while Jill gets some much-needed rest.

When Jill gave birth to Israel in 2015, she told People that she was "praying to God" to give her strength throughout her 70-hour labor. She was a first-time mom and it was undoubtedly a scary experience for her.

Prior to giving birth a second time, Jill told People that she wasn't quite as nervous about having the couple's second baby.

"Derick and I have been down this road together, so we’re comfortable," Jill stated. "I’m just going to see how it goes, try to be healthy and prepare as much as I can. But this time I know that labor is unpredictable.”

Although she had a long labor again, it wasn't quite as long as her first time around. Still, 40 hours is a long time to be in labor, so cheers to Jill for hanging in there and delivering a beautiful baby boy.