Disney announced a while ago that they were going to be making a live action version of the movie "Aladdin." This year saw the release of another Disney classic "Beauty and the Beast" and ever since fans heard that "Aladdin" was in the works they have been dying to know who will be playing Princess Jasmine. Disney recently released the casting choices for "Aladdin". They include Mena Massaud as Aladdin, Will Smith as the Genie and Naomi Scott as Jasmine. Fans were outraged to hear Scott would be playing Princess Jasmine as she is not of Arab descent.

Naomi Scott cast as Jasmine

Ever since Disney has announced that they are making a live action "Aladdin" fans have been dying to know who will play Princess Jasmine. They recently made the announcement for the cast and fans can not be more disappointed. Naomi Scott appears to have seized the role of the princess, however, many of the public are outraged as she is not Arab. According to the Independent, Disney is receiving huge backlash for this decision especially as they have cast actor Mena Massaud for the role of Aladdin.

Scott is of British and Indian heritage. Critics are furious that Disney is equating women of Indian and Middle Eastern descent as looking the same as one another. Many have left scathing comments for Disney one of which states that people have a right to feel angry as Disney white wash another character children look up to.

The representation of Princess Jasmine in "Aladdin" was very important for people of Indian descent as they see their likeness on the screen. Unfortunately, Disney has failed in their choice for Princess Jasmine and have yet to release a comment about their choice of actor.

Director previously warned about white washing

Guy Ritchie is the director for the live remake of "Aladdin." When rumors began to surface that Tom Hardy was involved in the movie word got back to Ritchie that fans would not be happy with this choice.

The director was urged by his team to avoid white washing any of the characters in the movie. However, it appears the Ritchie did not take the advice offered to him and now Disney is suffering from major backlash and public criticism.

The original animated movie was a comedic take on a Middle Eastern folk tale. However, in casting Naomi Scott the connection to the Middle Eastern roots is lost.

Fans are furious that the reason Naomi was picked was for her singing talent. The public has stated that there is an abundance of talented Middle Eastern actors who would thrive in the role.

It remains unknown as to when Disney's "Aladdin" will be released in theaters. One has to wonder if Disney will pull the plug on the movie after all the backlash it has received.