Daniel Craig has played James Bond since 2005. During a press conference for "Spectre" the latest Bond movie, Craig had stated that he wanted out of the role. However, when the actor heard that a number of actors wanted the role he had a sudden change of heart. Craig has agreed to play Bond one more time in the next movie of the franchise. "Bond 25" is due to begin filming soon and has an estimated release date of 2018.

Craig has agreed to one more 'Bond' movie

According to The Telegraph, Daniel Craig has previously stated that he would rather slit his wrists than play James Bond.

However, it appears that the actor has changed his mind. In 2015 during press for the latest Bond movie "Spectre," Craig made these claims and expressed his desire to escape from the role. When Craig heard that another movie featuring "Bond" was in the works and that there were many actors vying for the role, he decided to don the persona once more.

Craig has been central to the Bond franchise for many years. The movie "Skyfall" gained over $1 billion at the international box office. This was the highest grossing movie in all of Sony Pictures history. Naturally, it is not a surprise that the company has ordered another Bond sequel. Fans have been speculating ever since "Spectre" that there would be another addition to the franchise and it appears that they were right.

Adele wanted back for 'Bond 25'

According to NME, Barbara Broccoli is desperate to have Adele back to write and perform the theme song for "Bond 25". Adele previously worked with Broccoli back in 2012. She wrote and performed a song titled "Skyfall" which featured in the Bond movie. The single later went on to win Adele an Oscar, a Grammy and a Golden Globe.

The success Adele brought to the franchise was massive and understandably Broccoli wants her back on the team for "Bond 25".

According to The Mirror, Broccoli is currently trying to talk to the singer around. Fans of Adele will know that the singer recently had to cancel her last world tour gigs due to voice difficulties. A source has stated that Adele and Craig are the best duos for the movie.

While there has been no confirmation as to whether or not the singer will be involved in "Bond 25", the team are hopeful that the singer will come around.

Fans can look forward to another Bond movie. "Bond 25" is due to be released in theaters come 2018, only one year away. This is likely the final time Craig will take on the role. There have been a number of actors already considered for his replacement.